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"Our goal is to provide patients with a safe and effective form of holistic chiropractic care. We promote health and happiness while preventing illness."

Alpharetta Holistic Chiropractor

We are a Holistic Chiropractic Center in Alpharetta.  Our Holistic Chiropractor is Dr. Michael Dellaria. We look at the whole body and all aspects of the body and how they relate to one another using a holistic chiropractic approach .  Our Holistic Chiropractor uses natural methods to help the body to heal and restore normal function to the body.  We use gentle chiropractic techniques at our Alpharetta location.  Dr. Dellaria is a holistic chiropractor who practices Applied Kinesiology and Functional Endocrinology.  A holistic chiropractor uses a variety of methods to test the body, find what areas are not functioning properly and then through holistic chiropractic care restore function to those areas.  As a holistic chiropractor, Dr. Dellaria uses functional bloodwork analysis to evaluate areas of dysfunction and utilizes therapeutic grade nutritional supplements to help heal and repair damaged organs, glands and tissues. Read Dr. Dellaria‘s Story to hear what made him want to become a holistic chiropractor and what gave him a great desire to want to give back to people what was given to him through holistic chiropractic care.  The practice is in the Alpharetta area and Dr. Dellaria is a board certified chiropractic doctor with over 15 years experience.

As a holistic chiropractor Dr. Dellaria typically sees patients in Alpharetta that have either not responded to traditional medical care or have been left undiagnosed with nowhere else to turn. Very often we have patients who have seen eight or more medical doctors with no answers or have just returned from Mayo clinic with having spent tens of thousands of dollars and still no answers. We believe it is our holistic chiropractic approach that allows us to find answers to conditions that other doctors have not found. A chiropractor using a holistic chiropractic approach will look at the body functionally not pathologically. The majority of the time people have functional issues that a chiropractor can help with that may not have also manifested to pathological issues, typically they have not yet. This is why they have not been diagnosed medically because they are not in that range yet. These people are still in extreme and sometimes debilitating pain and discomfort. We see miracles every week if not every day in our holistic chiropractic center. Take a moment and read our patient testimonials our watch our patient video testimonials of how others have responded to holistic chiropractic care.

Many people wonder what does a chiropractor do?  A chiropractor uses a chiropractic adjustment to realign the bones of the spine to remove pressure and damage to the delicate spinal nerves.  A chiropractor who uses a holistic chiropractic approach takes into account all aspects of the body and how they interrelate to one another.  A chiropractor is a board certified doctor who is a licensed health care professional.  A chiropractor treats neuromuscular disorders, having to do with the muscloskeletal system and the nervous system.  We use the term holistic chiropractic to help explain a chiropractor that looks at how all parts of the body relate to one another because they do.  A chiropractor can help your body to function at a normal level.  Many people believe a chiropractor can only help with musculskeletal problems.  Most people do not even realize that chiropractors can help with conditions relating to the nervous system.  We offer a holistic chiropractic approach at our practice in Alpharetta.

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