Patient’s Success Stories



(updated every 3-6months)

Allergy Symptoms:

1. Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care:

Sinus/ TMJ/ Low back/ Food Allergies

Results from Care:

I have suffered with chronic sinus congestion and digestive issues for the last 10 years.  Within the first two treatments with Dr. Dellaria, I noticed a significant improvement in my overall health.  In a matter of months, he has healed many aspects of my body and I am now able to eat many of the foods that I was once allergic to.  I no longer suffer with sinus congestion and I feel better than ever! Dr. Dellaria’s approach is scientific, very thorough and it has changed my quality of life dramatically! Thank you!

-Liz P., Alpharetta

2. Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care:

Sinus Problems & Headaches. I have experienced terrible sinus headaches for as long as I can remember.

Results from Care:

My sinus headaches are subsiding.  I have been coming to Dr. Dellaria for only a few months and am feeling much better.

– Carolyn W., Cumming

3. Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care:

Peanut Allergy

Results from Care:

My two year old son had shown an allergy to peanuts and peanut butter first introducing it to him around 1 year ago. He would develop a rash with welts that itched. His voice would get raspy and his breathing labored. He would also cry from general discomfort. His pediatrician prescribed an epi-pen. We decided to try kinesiology as an alternative. He was treated for 23 visits and began showing improvement almost immediately. After treatment, he shows no signs of an allergy reaction to peanuts or peanut butter.

Kate R.

4. Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care:

Sinus Headaches

Results from Care:

I use to regularly get sinus headaches that could sometimes be rather intense. And the response to pain relievers, such as Aspirin, was only moderate. After my first neck adjustment with Dr. Dellaria, I had no headaches for 3 days, all of which were rainy.

Renata K., Alpharetta

5. Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care:

My daughter’s RAST score was 3.9 on egg whites.

Results From Care:

The RAST score on egg whites is down to .69 (1 year later)

Carol J., Alpharetta

6. Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care:

I started bringing my daughter to see Dr. Dellaria in October 2007. She is almost 6 y/o and was diagnosed with multiple food allergies when she was 1 y/o. He egg allergy appeared to be the most severe as she would turn red within minutes of eating egg or anything that contained egg.

Results from Care:

I am pleased to say (and see) that she can now tolerate eating eggs or foods that contain eggs without turning red or breaking out in a rash. I’, sure you are thinking that she has just outgrown it and traditional medicine would love for you to believe that. However, my daughter’s bloodwork shows that she is just as allergic to egg as she was many years ago. I am amazed at Dr. Dellaria’s knowledge, skills, and gift to balance the entire body though holistic care versus just treating the symptom. He has been a blessing to our family which is why we continue to see him when needed.

-Rochelle C., Cumming

7. Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care:

Severely allergic to mosquito bites. Literally could NOT go outside between may and October. It was like being in prison.

Results from Care:
I went camping this weekend with my church. I was terrified. There was a lot of standing water. Came back expecting to be swollen and had zero mosquito bites (or really reactions to them)


I am in the last 2 or 3 treatments for allergy work with Dr. D so it is really working!

-Kay M.

8. Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care:

When I first started coming to Dr. D I had been having swollen eyes for about a week—what had been diagnosed as allergies. Along with swollen eyes, I had been very tired and weak for at least a month. I simply pushed it aside as not enough sleep. After my first week with Dr. D my doctor diagnosed me with mononucleosis and said I would have a rough couple of weeks and it could take 4-6 months to fully recover.

Results from Care:

I came to Dr. D the day after I was diagnosed with an excruciating sore throat and just overall weakness. He did the laser and I was 90% better over the next 2 weeks or so. I never had a fever, which I have been told is remarkable, because almost everyone with mono has a fever around 130. I really believe the laser helped with that. I felt a lot better after a couple weeks, when I was told it could take 4-6 months, and my immune system overall is improving. He not only did laser, but treated my entire body as well.

-Mckenzie S.

9. Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care:

Typically each spring I would experience allergies from grass & pollen. Each day I would take some type of relief medicine.

Results from Care:

Currently I am not suffering from any type of allergy. No sneezing or runny eyes. I have stopped taking any medications due to Dr. Dellaria’s treatment.

-Shawn L.


10. Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care:

My 9 year old daughter had severe allergies, sinus headache, runny nose took benadryl everyday.

Results from Care:
I’ve noticed a huge difference right after her first adjustment now she no longer has any symptoms she was fine last fall and continues to do very well.

-Dulce V.


11. Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care:
Severe allergies and lower back pain.

Results from Care:
Less intense sneezing and stuffiness. Allergy symptoms used to last 2-3 months and now last about 2 weeks. Also reduced puffiness in my face and no longer a need to take Benadryl.

-MaryAnn L.

12. Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care:

  • Major allergies to the environmental (7 year old son)
  • Taking 4 asthma medications (singulair, control inhaler, rescue inhaler, Flonase)
  • Serious food allergies (dairy, gluten, nuts, soy)

Results from Care:

  • Still having environmental issues, but he can now go about 2-3 days before taking Claritin. When he first came here, he couldn’t miss any days.
  • Down to taking singulair and control inhaler (his pulmonologist stepped down the amount of steroids in his inhaler) – no longer on rescue inhaler or Flonase.
  • Still experiencing food allergies, but he has done better with gluten- it used to make him extremely congested.

Aneesah A., 12/03/18, Alpharetta

13. Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care:

I used the QI-5 balance machine for allergies. I have always had allergic reactions to cats.

Results from Care:

After using the machine, I found a major improvement. I went in a house with 4 cats for a week and did not experience the symptoms I had experienced in the past. It allowed me to enjoy my trip more.

Greg S., 10/20/18, East Cobb

14. Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care:

For over 10 years I suffered after eating, feeling bloated, tired, stopped up and nauseated. I eventually stopped eating for the most part, until I absolutely had to. Between major allergies and poor digestion, I no longer enjoyed or looked forward to eating.

Results from Care:

After being educated by Dr. Dellaria, I began treatment for allergies, my spine and my nutrition. Treating my whole body has made a huge difference in my quality of life. I now am clear of all allergies, I am eating again and have more energy. It only took a year to completely rid me of something that had tormented me for over ten!

Kimberly H., 12/15/08

15. Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care:

Severe sinus allergies every spring since 4thgrade when I moved here. Almost always developing into sinus infections and severe congestion for 1-2 weeks. This cycle reported itself from March to June every year.

Results from Care:

Only mild sneezing on peak pollen days. No sinus infections resulting or congestion.

Ryan C., 5/7/13

16. Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care:

Constant clearing of throat throughout the day. Stuffiness, congestion, had to use Flonase everyday. Strong allergies in spring especially, or when travelling.

Results from Care:

All after QI-5 treatments, no more clearing throat all day. Stopped using Flonase daily; no more all day congestion. Little to no reaction in spring/summer.

Tony B., 8/9/19, Johns Creek

17. Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care:

Seasonal allergies, plus 2-3 sinus infections (atleast once in Spring) and cat allergies.

Results from Care:

This Spring, after treatment- no sinus infections, no medicine. Spent one week at relatives with a longhaired cat and had no reaction. No sneezing or itchy eyes for the 5 day stay.

Kirsten F., 5/6/19, Johns Creek

18. Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care:

Allergy to pollen (primarily in Spring). Had severe throat and eye itching, running nose.

Results from Care:

Barely noticed the above symptoms this past spring.

Vickie D., 6/14/19, Alpharetta

19. Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care:

I tried different diets in the past that helped yet once I reintroduced foods it got worse. I had extreme redness and dryness. I have had this for 7 years. Extreme face rashes.

Results from Care:

After chiropractic care, nutrients and Qi-5 allergy treatments I am having less flare ups from foods that normally would have caused it.

Casey C., 2/26/20, Gainesville

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