Conventional estimates suggest that 35 million people in the US suffer from allergies of different kinds.  There are basically three causes of allergies: 1) A substance in the environment such as dust, mold, pollen, etc.  2)  Foods or food additives such as corn, milk, soy, etc.  3)  Metabolic Byproducts (bodily fluids and tissues).  Allergy treatment can help.

Allergic reactions can mimic a wide range of diseases and disorders and lead to confused immune system responses that start killing off friendly protective bacteria in our GI tracts.  As a result, this opens the door for infective organisms to multiply.

Your allergies are not necessarily something you have to live with. Using our Allergy Desensitization methods we can first determine what, if any, allergies or sensitivities you may be suffering from.  Once the root is identified we can take measures to help you overcome it naturally by a technique that desensitizes you to substances in food, the environment and the body.

The allergy treatment involves; you holding on to vials containing allergens, we then stimulate the nervous system to the presence of these these substances by going up and down the spine using a specific attachment to our adjuster instrument to stimulate all the different nerve pathways coming off the spine going to different organs and glands while you breath in, breath out and breath rapidly stimulating the nervous system in all different phases of breathing, this brings the nervous system on hyper alert to the allergens you are holding on to, we then balance the nervous system to these substances with adjustments of the spine, myofascial release, color and sound therapy, we then lock the memory of this treatment into the nervous system by stimulating specific acupuncture points except we do not use needles we use a sparker which gives a small spark to these areas, at the end of treatment you are then balanced to the frequencies of these substances and when you come in contact with these substances you should not overreact.  The allergy treatment involves 24 sessions total and each session must be done at least 24 hours apart from the last session otherwise they can be completed at any frequency you desire.

We have helped people get off Flonase, Allegra, Claritin, Zyrtec.  We have helped people be able to eat foods again that they were not able to eat before such as peanuts, eggs and wheat.  Some people no longer need their EpiPen.  People who were allergic to grass, leaves, pollen, mosquitoes no longer are.  Sometimes peoples allergies are completely eliminated, sometimes just significantly reduced and other times no change is noticeable.  Overall there is a very high rate of success with our allergy treatment yet of course individual results may vary.

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