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Written by Dr. Michael Dellaria, B.S., D.C.

We should start first by defining what a chiropractor is. Chiropractors are doctors who specializes in the treatment of the spine and nervous system as well as musculoskeletal issues. Should you be searching for Alpharetta chiropractors you will probably want to know what chiropractors do and what a chiropractor‘s training is.

Chiropractors specifically adjust the vertebrae of the spine back into their correct alignment. A chiropractor goes through years of training to learn how to properly do this adjustment and although it may look easy, it is not and should never be attempted otherwise serious damage could occur. This is not the same as pushing your own neck or back until you hear noise, this is not the same adjustment chiropractors would give.  Although both actions make noise they are not the same. In over fifteen years of practice I have not found it possible to adjust one’s self. The release of air and gases from the joint as it is quickly moved is typically heard with both an adjustment by chiropractors and by someone twisting their neck or their back. The chiropractor is repositioning the bone back into its correct position with the adjustment and by doing this air and gas is released from the joint space with the accompanying popping sound. When a person twists their neck or back they also cause a release of air and gas from the joint space however they are not repositioning the bone back into its correct alignment which can only be done by chiropractors. “But it feels good when I twist my back or my neck how isn’t it the same?” I often hear people say. Yes just the simple act of twisting your neck or back does stimulate certain nerve tracts in the spinal column and it does temporarily block the pain pathway however this action is not permanent as it would be with the adjustment by the chiropractor also this action is damaging the ligaments that hold the structure of the spine together. When the ligaments are weakened the bones will lose their alignment more easily, which is bad. So as addictive as it may be, it is not recommended to twist your neck and your back forcefully to make it “pop”. If you are doing some light stretching or yoga and you here some noise, this is okay.

In Alpharetta there are many chiropractors to choose from and much of your decision will be based on what your current symptoms are and finding a chiropractor who gets results with people who have those symptoms. All chiropractors may have similar foundational training yet this may vary depending on the school they graduated from as well. Every chiropractor knows how to adjust the spine, some chiropractors may have lighter techniques than others, some chiropractors may use instruments, some may use manual adjustments. There are some chiropractors who adjust extremities such as the fingers, toes, elbows, knees, shoulders etc. There are chiropractors who adjust the bones of the skull and the jaw, called cranial adjustments. There are even chiropractors who are trained to adjust the organs called visceral manipulation. There are chiropractors trained in advanced areas of diagnosis such as Applied Kinesiology and functional blood work analysis. Some chiropractors are trained in advanced neurological diagnosis and treatment called chiropractic neurologists. Chiropractors may be skilled in using anything from your basic vitamins and minerals to using therapeutic grade nutritional products to help heal and repair damaged organs, glands and tissues. There are some Alpharetta chiropractors who have effective allergy treatments they offer. There are Alpharetta chiropractors who specialize in treating children called pediatric chiropractors and some that specialize in treating older individuals called geriatric chiropractors. There are Alpharetta chiropractors that have a blend of both and have more family type practices. There are chiropractors that specialize in mostly chronic type conditions that have not responded to traditional medical care. There are chiropractors in Alpharetta that are more traditional in their style of practice and mostly offer the chiropractic adjustment and that is all. There are some chiropractors that have chosen to take a more broad look at treating the body and the nervous system and incorporate a variety of treatment modalities to help the body to heal and repair such as cold laser therapy, detox footbath, oxygen therapy, massage therapy etc. There are chiropractors in Alpharetta who focus on people in more acute type stages such as recent accidents and injuries. Some Alpharetta chiropractors help people avoid potential surgery with the types of treatment they offer.  There are probably many other variations.

When looking for a chiropractor in Alpharetta you will need to look at many factors; how far away is this chiropractor, does this chiropractor treat the condition I have, has this chiropractor achieved good results with treating this condition, how much does this chiropractor charge and is this of great concern to me or is it more important to me that this chiropractor can help me, how long has this chiropractor been in practice and what is this chiropractor’s experience level and is this important to me, how often will I have to be treated, how long will it take for me to notice improvement, how long will it take for me to get better, do I like the chiropractor’s personality and is this important to me, do I feel cared for when in the chiropractor‘s practice, does the chiropractor require a commitment from me in order to start treatment and am I willing to give them that, am I looking for relief or am I looking to correct the cause of the problem, after the cause of the problem is corrected am I looking to maintain my health or just wait until I have another problem? All of these are questions you will have to ask yourself when choosing a chiropractor. Unlike going to see medical doctors in Alpharetta, going to see chiropractors is typically more of a personal visit since you are seeing chiropractors on a more frequent basis at least in the beginning of care. You need to be comfortable with the chiropractor‘s style of treating, how the practice is run, method of payment, treatment and of course your results. You need to know as chiropractors, our main goal is to see you get better and to have your health restored and maintained. Although we may feel sad to see you go if you are not seeing results or are unhappy with any of the areas mentioned above it is okay to first let the chiropractor or staff know and see if a resolution can be attained or look elsewhere to see if another Alpharetta chiropractor better suits your needs.

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