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Written by Dr. Michael Dellaria, B.S., D.C.

We are going to continue our discussion on choosing an Alpharetta chiropractor in this article. Alpharetta chiropractors have many different styles of adjusting, treatment modalities, different ways they run their practices, what types of payment they accept, different levels of training, how they communicate, whether they educate their patients or not, how well they explain things to you, what is their experience level and will this chiropractor be the right fit for you. As you can see there are so many variables to consider when choosing a chiropractor in Alpharetta.

A chiropractor has very similar schooling to the medical field in multiple areas.  A chiropractor is more of a functional doctor where medical doctors are more emergency doctors. As functional doctors, chiropractors seek to find the cause of whatever symptom a person is having. A chiropractor does not treat medical emergencies. Chiropractors should be the first doctor one would see with a non-emergency type problem that is due to malfunction or dysfunction in a person’s body. Functionally based problems are any problems that do not require medical attention yet still affect a person’s day to day life and well being such as; headaches, sinus problems, allergies, blood sugar imbalances, digestive problems, lowered immune system function, dizziness, anxiety, hormone imbalances that do not require actual hormones yet are unexplained medically, infertility, pain anywhere in the body as well as organ and gland problems that do not require medication or surgery and are unexplained medically. Quite a list huh? There are probably many more to mention as well. In Alpharetta there are chiropractors who treat these conditions using natural methods. You may not immediately think that a chiropractor in Alpharetta could help with these conditions yet they can.

A chiropractor is more than just a doctor you see when you hurt your neck or your back and are looking for an alternative to surgery. Many times people will see a chiropractor as a last resort instead of seeing a chiropractor first before anyone else. Often times a person will see every medical doctor under the sun and spend thousands of dollars for help with their condition before ever considering a chiropractor. For those who are reading this article if you have a non-emergency type problem will you still go to see your medical doctor first and receive some medication or perhaps a surgery that could have been avoided rather than see a chiropractor? Many still will. It is strange after so much time that few people still know about the amazing benefits of seeing a chiropractor. I believe it is important for everyone in Alpharetta to know what each doctor is best at and what the best form of treatment is that each doctor can offer. If you live in Alpharetta would you go to a dentist for a problem with your foot? Then why would you go to an emergency doctor for a functional problem? Most people in Alpharetta think they are just supposed to go to their medical doctor for everything and are in the habit of doing so. What form of treatment does the medical doctor typically give? It’s either surgery or medication and sometimes rehab. These treatments do have their place of course yet if you have a non-emergency type problem which the majority of office visits are, they are best treated in a non-emergency way. By flooding the medical doctors with these non-emergency type conditions we keep them from doing what they are best trained to do, like keeping us alive. In Alpharetta the majority of our health concerns are functionally based problems if not emergencies and can be helped by a chiropractor. A chiropractor in Alpharetta can help you with the common ailments you take medications for that are not life threatening. A chiropractor can help you to get your body healthier and functioning normally to the point where you can go back to your medical doctor and possibly get off the medication you are taking. Chiropractors are not in a position to take you off of your medications nor or they licensed to do so. A chiropractor is concerned with your health and well being and by getting your body to function normally many people find they are less dependent on medicine to help with their problems.

When choosing a chiropractor in Alpharetta remember all the points that were talked about in the articles and find the chiropractor that fits your needs best. We offer holistic chiropractic care at Holistic Health Center in Alpharetta.

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