Autoimmune Disease Part 2

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Written by Dr. Michael Dellaria, B.S., D.C.

The new model of Autoimmune disease suggests 3 stages of autoimmune disease progression. The first stage is considered silent autoimmune disease where the person has markers that show on specialized tests or blood panels such as positive antibodies yet the person has no apparent symptoms and other routine blood work appears normal. Then in stage 2 the person starts to exhibit symptoms of an autoimmune disease yet these can be mild and may not warrant any medical intervention. On medical evaluation common signs associated with the suspected condition or disease still may not be present. In this stage the symptoms may be an annoyance or they may be bad enough for the individual to start taking some medications to resolve the symptoms if they have been persisting for some time and are starting to interfere with daily activities. In this stage blood work may be appear to be slightly off or may still appear normal. Then in the final stage, stage 3 the person has full blown signs and symptoms of an autoimmune disease on exam and the routine blood work now shows that this condition or autoimmune disease is definitely present. It is typically at this stage of autoimmune disease that medical care begins. The person can no longer endure this autoimmune disease without medication and their daily lives are severely limited by the autoimmune disease.
It is in the identification of the 1st stage that we as holistic chiropractic doctors are most concerned with autoimmune disease treatment before the waters get too muddied up. This is the stage we can make the most dramatic change to the body, nervous system, organs and glands. Before the tissues are too compromised, before too much damage has been done, before there is a need for medication or possible surgery. Our holistic chiropractic approach to autoimmune disease treatment in Alpharetta seeks to support the organs, tissues and glands of the body to stimulate the body’s recuperative abilities. Now chiropractic care can help at any stage yet to support the body before the body is too damaged and overwhelmed is best.

Currently in our holistic chiropractic practice in Alpharetta we see people in all stages of autoimmune disease even those who have chosen to give up on their medical care. We typically see patients in Alpharetta with autoimmune disease that no one has been able to help. This is not due to the fact that we get such great results with our auto immune disease treatment, although we do see miracles every week in Alpharetta and this is no understatement. This is mostly due to the fact that the people coming to our practice in Alpharetta with autoimmune disease office have seen sometimes 10 to 15 other doctors. Sometimes they have all been medical doctors.  Other times they have seen natural holistic type doctors in Alpharetta as well. We have had many patients in our holistic chiropractic practice in Alpharetta who have been to the Mayo Clinic for their autoimmune disease treatment and have spent 10’s of thousands of dollars with NO answers just lots and lots of tests and no relief. This is touted as an incredible medical treatment center and without a doubt its doctors and diagnosticians are top notch. The majority of emergency doctor’s diagnostic tests tend to check for (you guessed it), emergencies. Now if the autoimmune disease symptoms you are having are related to dysfunction in your body and not disease, at least not yet, then the tests will come up negative. This does not mean that these are bad doctors or that they are incompetent. This simply means your autoimmune disease has not manifested to the point that it can be detected by the tests that they run. This is in a sense a good thing. As we tell patients who come to our holistic chiropractic practice with any autoimmune disease when they enter our office in Alpharetta, if you haven’t shown on any of the medical doctors tests “That’s great!”. This means that there is a good chance that you will show on a holistic chiropractic doctor’s tests because you have a functional problem that has not entered the disease state yet.

Understand that doctors have a hard time fixing what they can’t find. Ever have a problem with your car and take it to the mechanic only to find that when they drive your car it doesn’t do for them what it did for you? What is the outcome? “Well we checked it over and nothing seems to be wrong”. Or if you leave your medical doctor and they tell you nothing is wrong because you didn’t show positive on any of their tests or your blood work looked normal, you leave thinking either they weren’t a very good doctor or maybe it’s all in your head.

Understand I am writing to you as if autoimmune disease treatment is a new topic and each article will build on the one before. I want you to understand that there are other autoimmune disease treatment options than the ones we are most familiar with for autoimmune disease. Early detection of autoimmune disease for many people is possible and even after detection there are still natural treatments that can be employed to sometimes resolve symptoms and sometimes only to minimize. Now we don’t say the word “cure”. Current science and literature suggests that once someone has an autoimmune disease they will always have the autoimmune disease. However symptoms can resolve and symptoms can be kept at bay in some instances. If someone were to drink so much to the point of becoming an alcoholic and then were to take steps to become sober how easy would it be for them to start drinking again if they had a few drinks? Easier than for someone who never drank much.

In the next article – Autoimmune Disease Treatment Part III we will look into specific testing methods, possible causes and delve further into what it means to have a functional problem as opposed to a disease or condition. Be sure to join us!

We offer a natural approach at Holistic Health Center, our holistic chiropractic practice in Alpharetta for help with autoimmune disease treatment.

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