Cellular Detox Footbath Alpharetta

Come experience the Cellular Detox Footbath. Through a principle of ion exchange and fusion the cellular detox footbath device increases the charge on the cells and draws toxins from the body.

The charge on healthy cells is about 50-70 millivolts, stressed or injured cells can measure as little as 20-40 mv resulting in both poor function and discharge of toxic waste.  The cellular detox footbath ramps up the charge on the cells to 300 mv for about 18-23 minutes resulting in increased discharge of toxins into the bloodstream.  The unit then switches polarities and draws the toxins out of the body through the pores of the feet.  The reaction of the metals with one another (Metalurgic reaction) changes the water different colors.  We do not make any claims that the colors relate to any  organ systems or areas of the body.

The cellular detox footbath will change color slightly without a persons feet in it due to the reaction of the unit with the water itself.  This color change has always been the same (light yellow) with just water and very mild.  This is not the same as when a persons feet are placed in the tub and all manner of colors may be seen.

Patients who have had cellular detox footbaths have noticed increases in energy, surgery sites not causing pain anymore, skin conditions clearing up, injuries healing faster, reduced swelling and many other positive changes.

Here is a video demonstrating the cellular detox footbath offered at Holistic Health Center, P.C.:

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