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Written by Dr. Michael Dellaria, B.S., D.C.

We can help you if you are searching for a chiropractor in Alpharetta. As you may already know there are many types of chiropractic care to choose from in regards to a chiropractor in Alpharetta. A chiropractor in Alpharetta may not practice chiropractic care the same way as someone even down the block from them. All chiropractors seem to have their own way of practicing chiropractic care and you will need to choose which chiropractor in Alpharetta best suits your needs. As we mentioned in previous articles many of the different ways a chiropractor in Alpharetta can treat using chiropractic care and the different therapies offered as well as chiropractic adjusting techniques.

As a chiropractor in Alpharetta our practice offers a holistic chiropractic care type approach to your health. We treat the whole body and all aspects of the body using holistic chiropractic care. As a chiropractor in Alpharetta I take a functional approach to your health rather than the traditional medical approach which serves us in times of emergencies.

Most people are not even aware what a chiropractor in Alpharetta even does other than help with the occasional neck and back pain. A chiropractor uses chiropractic care to treat the body functionally using chiropractic adjustments to re-align the vertebrae of the spine which are damaging delicate spinal nerves when misaligned. These spinal nerves carry messages from the brain to your organs, muscles and glands telling them what to do and how to function. A chiropractor in Alpharetta helps restore this communication to all parts of the body through the chiropractic adjustment thus restoring function to the body. A chiropractor in Alpharetta can help someone with neck pain or back pain yet to restore function to organs and glands is quite profound. Remember medicines alter our bodies function and make it do what it does not or sometimes cannot do. In times of emergencies these are needed. Most of the problems that we have that keep us from enjoying everyday life are typically not emergency type problems yet we use emergency care to try to address these problems. A chiropractor in Alpharetta can help restore your body to normal function so you do not have to resort to emergency care to treat your symptoms. Many people are not aware that it is not normal to have symptoms such as pain in the body, headaches, seasonal allergies, digestive problems, irritability, sinus trouble, fatigue or trouble sleeping. Although common these symptoms are not normal and are a sign the body is not functioning properly. Should someone be experiencing these symptoms, there is a good chance a chiropractor in Alpharetta would be able to help them using holistic chiropractic care.

So if someone had allergies do you think a chiropractor in Alpharetta would be the first place someone would turn to? Probably not yet holistic chiropractic care might help and I have seen people with horrible allergies recover using techniques we use in our practice in Alpharetta. Say someone had digestive trouble would they call up a chiropractor in Alpharetta? Not likely yet holistic chiropractic care has helped hundreds in our practice at Holistic Health Center in Alpharetta, experience normal digestive function. Would someone with neck pain or low back pain run to a chiropractor in Alpharetta first? Most likely they will visit their medical doctor first and be prescribed medication which may very well relieve them of the pain they are experiencing. The important thing to understand is that symptoms are our body’s way of letting us know something is wrong. They are not something to be silenced or numbed. We of course all want our symptoms to go away when we have them, that is natural. Understand that even though we want to be symptom free, true health comes from correcting the cause of the problem and the reason the body is producing the symptoms in the first place. Then and only then when the cause of the problem with the body is corrected will the symptoms go away and not return. A chiropractor in Alpharetta can help you find the cause of your problems. As chiropractors we are not as concerned with symptoms and covering them up or masking them. We of course do not want to see you in pain or in any discomfort yet we recognize that the symptoms will remain until the cause of the problem is corrected. This is just how the body works. The longer the symptoms are ignored for or covered up using medications the worse the underlying problem gets. Until eventually the person may actually need emergency care such as surgery or some type of invasive procedure. As a chiropractor in Alpharetta we seek to avoid having patients need emergency procedures when possible by helping them maintain their body in a healthy state through holistic chiropractic care. Holistic chiropractic care helps the body maintain normal function. Abnormal function leads to lack of function which leads to disease. A chiropractor in Alpharetta is the side of healthcare that perhaps you didn’t know of there is the emergency side or medical care which keeps us alive and then the functional side or chiropractic care which changes our lives. I hope you benefit from both in your life.

Please visit us a Holistic Health Center, P.C. in Alpharetta for all of your holistic chiropractic care needs.

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