Nutritional Health Scan

Using muscle response testing Dr. Dellaria is able to test over different neurological and acupuncture reflex points relating to different organs and glands to see if these areas are stressed resulting in dysfunction and possibly symptoms. After locating the areas of weakness based on the muscle response test, the doctor will begin to identify what nutrient or substance will help to strengthen or support this weakness.  You then take that therapeutic nutritional supplement for a month and then come back to be retested to see if the point that was weak is now strong.

This technique is called the Nutritional Health Scan.  Although many variations of this technique have existed over the years, this particular technique was developed by Dr. John Brimhall, BA, BS, DC, FIAMA, DIBAK.

Each reflex that is contacted represents a specific organ, tissue or gland.  Through testing these points we can assess whether that area of the body is stressed.  This may result in dysfunction and symptoms.  The doctor with one hand will contact the particular reflex point and with the other hand will test the muscle of your extended arm for strength.  If the reflex being contacted is stressed then the nervous system will decrease energy to the muscle in your extended arm and the muscle being tested will go weak, temporarily.

This testing allows us to identify the areas of the body that need support and either treat everything at once or target the most important area of dysfunction.  This allows for targeted therapeutic nutritional supplements for a specific area of the body every step of the way as your body begins to heal.

Typically this testing is performed once per month depending on the severity of the symptoms the person is experiencing and how quickly they would like to see results, they may come back sooner for retesting.

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