Alpharetta Detox Footbath

Welcome to our Cellular Detox Footbath Blog in Alpharetta.  You may have read the many reviews on the cellular detox footbath and how based on the color of your water certain organs or metals were cleansed from your body. This actually is not true.  It is a reaction of the metals with one another that changes the water different colors.  However, the cellular detox footbath is much more than the color of your water.  So does the cellular detox footbath work?  Let’s discuss why we need to detoxify the body and then try to understand how doing a cellular detox footbath session in Alpharetta will help with this process.

We all need to cleanse our body from the harmful chemicals, metals and pathogens we are exposed to on a daily basis. We come in contact with these substances through the foods and drinks we consume, our drinking water and the air we breathe. Our drinking water can contain heavy metals, chlorine, and pesticides. Our foods and drinks can contain pesticides, arsenics and many other harmful substances. Sulfur dioxide and other harmful gas are in the air we breathe. Unfortunately, many times people go years without cleansing the body. The elimination organs like the lungs, skin and intestines need to be free and clear of containments to help the body perform at optimal levels.

The EB 305 or Cellular Detox Footbath used at Holistic Health Center in Alpharetta enter provides cellular detox by restoring the body’s energy and balance to facilitate the natural detoxification process. It does this by freeing pathways for energy to flow to or from organs. It is important for the body to be able to easily and naturally allow energy to flow through our organs. Energy can get blocked because of all the harmful substances we described previously.

You may be asking why is the flow of energy so important?  According to the Helsinki Bioenergetics Group all living organisms require constant supply of energy and must be able to efficiently convert energy from oxygen, carbohydrates, light etc into the form of ATP to be used by the cells in the body. When energy is present and balanced it directly affects the body’s ability to problem solve, work and detoxify. All of this information and more about the cellular detox footbath can be found here.

So you can gather that a cellular detox footbath is about much more than just the color of the water. In essence this is not the important element of having a cellular detox session. At the end of the cellular detox footbath session you will have experienced a process that will help the body to perform its own detoxification process. The body can heal itself, we just need to make sure it has what it needs to do so.

Holistic Health Center in Alpharetta offers the cellular detox footbath along with a complete wellness plan to help you heal the body allowing you to feel as healthy and energetic as you possibly can.

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