Dr. Michael Dellaria‘s Story

     I am Dr. Michael Dellaria and I would like to share a life changing event that happened to me when I was in the 10th grade. I was running track in the conference finals and getting ready to leave the blocks. I remember it well “Runners to your marks, set, GO! The gun fired and I shot out from my starting position but as I did I heard a loud SNAP! I did not know it at the time but I had just broken the last bone in my spine in two pieces!!! My adrenaline allowed me to finish the race. I took third in the heat qualifying me to run in County’s next weekend yet I collapsed at the finish line only to be carried off by teammates.

     After this my back locked up like a board, I was in intense pain and it was all I could do to just hobble around with a limp. I used my Dad’s cane around the house and I had to get late passes to class because I couldn’t make it up the steps in school fast enough. I was used to running track everyday for 4 hours, playing soccer for 2hrs, working out and then passing out on my couch before doing homework and now I could do nothing. The medical doctor I went to see poked on me here and poked on me there and said “Did that hurt?”.  A very limited exam.  I didn’t have the words to describe “deep, stabbing, knife-like pain”.  He sent me home with about four different medications consisting of pain killers, muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories. I took them the first night and they did NOTHING to stop the intense pain I was in. It felt as if someone was repeatedly stabbing me with a sharp knife in my lower back. I did not bother taking the medications again. Everyday I had to pass my coach and teammates in the halls asking me when I would be back and that they needed me and everyday it just seemed further and further away. My girlfriend would ask me why I walked with my head down all the time and I said “I didn’t know”. I was falling into a deep depression. One of the things I was very good at had been taken from me and I derived much of my identity from it as some of us do when we are young.

     After 3 months I returned to the medical doctor and he recommended Physical Therapy as he stated my lower back muscles were not as strong as my abdominal muscles and that was why I was having the pain I was having. I was used to training 6 or more hours a day, I didn’t think I had any weak muscles in me but he was the expert. The doctor never x-rayed me so he didn’t know the last bone in my spine was in two pieces, my spinal cord exposed and the LAST thing I should have been doing was Physical Therapy. So I did P.T. 3x/wk for 6 months consisting of different exercises and massage therapy as well and at the end of which I felt exactly the same. I was still in intense pain, hobbling around and unable to run. I was devastated.

     Then looking through the yellow pages one day I saw an ad for a doctor, this one was different though. He was a Chiropractic Doctor! I had never heard of this, I asked my Dad if we could try this and he said “yes, of course”. I went to see Dr Lerner and he x-rayed my spine and did a full exam showing me where the one bone was in two pieces and that he would adjust the bone below it and above it in the hopes that these two pieces would come back together and heal. He adjusted my spine that day. I will never forget.  I immediately felt relief from pain for the first time in almost a year! I said “OH MY GOD thank you!”.  The next day some of the pain returned and so did I.  I saw Dr. Lerner 3 times per week for 6 months and then one time per week for 6 months. He even came to my house to adjust me when I was in too much pain to come to the office! At the end of the year I was completely pain-free.

     This experience created in me a deep desire to want to give back to people what was given to me. I asked Dr Lerner where the best school was and he said Life is known as the best Chiropractic School in the world. I set my sights on Life College of Chiropractic now Life University and never looked back. It wasn’t until I started my internship and was x-rayed again that something interesting was found. The bone in my spine that was broken in two had completely healed! The chances of this are extremely rare. So much so that they used my x-rays as teaching films in the spinal anatomy classes. I truly believe this was Gods way of putting me on my life’s path. I want you all to know that I do my very best to provide you with the highest level of care. I constantly seek to learn more, utilizing cutting edge technologies and treatment methods in the most efficient ways I can find.

     This is the story that changed my life.  I believe God has a way of answering our prayers.  I wanted to know my life’s purpose.  Although extremely painful I am so very grateful.  I had broken the last bone in my spine in 2 pieces.  I went from running, playing soccer and lifting weights to hobbling around my house at about 15 yrs old. A chiropractic doctor adjusted me and this allowed the bones to come closer together and heal. This created a deep desire in me to want to give back to people what had been given to me.  I truly believe this is what I was meant to do and it gives me great happiness seeing others attain the same results, which is – getting their lives back.

Yours in health,

Dr. Michael J. Dellaria, B.S., D.C.

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