Patient’s Success Stories


(updated every 3-6months)

Female Related Results:


1. Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care:

Menstrual cramps every month, for years.

Results from Care:

After treatment and nutrition with Dr. Dellaria for only 4 short months I had no cramps during my last cycle.

-Donna M.


2. Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care:

Menstrual Cramps

Results from Care:

During a visit to Dr. Dellaria repositioned my uterus, and before my cycles were 2½ days which sounds good, but they were painful 2 weeks before, during and after. After he repositioned it I had decreased pain and a 4 day period; I feel much better.



3. Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care:

I had trouble with my menstrual cycle when I first came in.  I had a lot of pain throughout the cycle and it wasn’t very regular.

Results From Care:

Now I only feel a very slight pain on the first day of my cycle and on the rest of the days it’s as if it wasn’t there!  It has also become more regular.

Thanja B., Dunwoody


4. Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care:

I had not had a period for 9 years, since I was 13. At least not with my body doing it on its own. I had been to several other doctors, such as gynecologists, who simply put me on birth control. Thought they would make my body cycle, once off the pill, the cycles would stop. It was very frustrating and I felt as though no one was really trying to help my problem or solve it.

Results from Care:

After nutritional supplements and chiropractic care given by Dr. Dellaria, my periods retuned. Not only did it come back, but it returned the next month as well. I’m thankful for Dr. D and his desire to help me and figure out ways to better the performance of my body.

-McKenzie S., Cumming


5. Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care:

Prior to beginning chiropractic care I suffered from irregular cycles. I had endometriosis at age 15 and after surgery I went on birth control for the next 11 years. I did not get a period at all if not on birth control. I suffered from depression and various physical complaints (acne, etc). I was diagnosed with PCOS at age 21. When trying to conceive my husband and I were unsuccessful (hard to do with no period!) We went through three failed IVF attempts and we were pretty much out of options, and I was still unhealthy.

Results from Care:

About six months before chiropractic care I stop eating gluten and this eliminated my intestinal issues. Then I started seeing a chiropractor, I got my very first non-medicated period.  I began seeing Dr. Dellaria and not only did my periods become regular, but all my hormone levels normalized. My skin cleared up, my emotional health improved and I had more energy. Medical doctors found nothing wrong with me and I am hopeful that in addition to me improved health, I may be able to have a child naturally. I am grateful to feel well.

Erin H.


6. Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care:

I had an extremely sensitive right ovary and a fibroid tumor on the left side. The pain was extremely intense when the doctor would touch it.

Results from Care:

The tumor no longer seems to be there and the right ovary does not even have tenderness as a result of the cold laser therapy. My periods all of the sudden became regular and my premenstrual symptoms vanished. I can’t explain it but I can’t deny the results either. Amazing.

-Debbie C., Cumming


7. Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care:

Interstitial Cystitis

Results from Care:

Interstitial Cystitis frequent voiding generally at night, I was seeing an urologist for two years and I was on two prescription medications. I am now diligent about doing my prescribed exercises. I am taking multivitamins and other nutritional supplements prescribed by Dr. Dellaria. I have also switched to soy milk which has helped my gastrointestinal pressures associated with frequent voiding previously. I am sleeping better and not voiding as frequently at night.

Sonya M., Alpharetta

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