Goal of Chiropractic Care

Our goal for patients is to help maintain them to be symptom free and enjoy life!   Patients start by having a series of chiropractic adjustments.  This allows time for the delicate spinal nerves to heal.  Once the nerves have had time to heal, patients typically notice a significant reduction in symptoms at this time.  Of course each case is specific and can vary.  At this point chiropractic treatments are less frequent, sometimes only once a month.  These frequent chiropractic adjustments help maintain the alignment of the spine and keep damage from occurring to the spinal nerves.  This explains the prevention part of chiropractic care.  A person can benefit from care for as long as they choose.  It is important to note that the vertebrae of the spine will continually misalign despite your best efforts.  Common causes of spinal misalignment are accidents both small and large as well as repetitive stress.

A person can wait for their symptoms to come back and get worse again rather then remain under care, yet think of the cost.  Maintaining your spine in proper alignment, much like maintaining your car is much more economical then waiting until there is a problem to correct.  The choice is always yours.   

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