Hypothyroidism Treatment

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Written by Dr. Michael Dellaria, B.S., D.C.

Hypothyroidism affects roughly 20 million Americans currently. The symptoms of hypothyroidism are fatigue, feeling of weakness, dry skin, brittle nails, loss of tolerance to cold and increased sensitivity to it, difficult stools or constipation, feeling slowed down, depression, memory problems, brain fog; also for women heavy or irregular menstrual periods. Often these symptoms are subtle and start gradually. Many times people have suffered with symptoms of hypothyroidism for several years maybe even most of their lives and never knew what it was. Often times hypothyroidism goes undetected on bloodwork in the early stages sometimes in the late stages as well. A person may have many of the symptoms of hypothyroidism yet their bloodwork appears “medically” normal. Even though people have symptoms of hypothyroidism and normal bloodwork they will still often times be given medication to manage their symptoms. If someone has the symptoms of hypothyroidism and there bloodwork is not medically normal they almost definitely will be given medication as a form of hypothyroidism treatment. So it would seem the current medical protocol for hypothyroidism treatment would be to medicate if symptoms are present whether or not bloodwork is normal. The persons hypothyroidism treatment is then based on a monitoring of their symptoms if that is all that is off or monitoring their symptoms and their bloodwork for a return to the medically normal range. Well if this is the case and this is an effective hypothyroidism treatment then where is the problem?
There are actually many problems in this medical approach to hypothyroidism treatment. One of the problems is this form of hypothyroidism treatment does not seem to resolve the majority of people’s symptoms. Another problem is just because a person with hypothyroidism takes medication that forces their gland to do something it does not want to do and makes their bloodwork appear normal does not mean everything is okay. We are accustomed to this type of hypothyroidism treatment in our society today. The belief that we can use medicine to make our bodies do what they don’t want to do and be okay. The body will always compensate. If you force one part of the body to do one thing it inevitably will change the function of another part of the body. We call these changes in function side effects from the medicine we take. So if someone takes medicine for hypothyroidism treatment and it causes them to have acid reflux does this mean this is effective hypothyroidism treatment? Is one condition worse than the other? For those who do not know, every medicine has side effects. You may not always be aware of what those side effects are yet that doesn’t change the fact that they are there. What also poses a problem with this type of hypothyroidism treatment is the dosage of the medication does not get changed very often. Our bodies are constantly changing and in our practice in Alpharetta we often times find people complaining of hypothyroidism symptoms that are being caused by an incorrect dosage of medication based on recent bloodwork. As in the dosage they were on initially may have been sufficient to manage their symptoms for their hypothyroidism treatment yet it is a year later now and their bloodwork has changed because the body has begun to compensate and their dosage isn’t changed to accommodate for this shift. Now this may be from a patient not returning to the same prescribing doctor or not returning for perhaps a couple years, regardless this is what we notice at Holistic Health Center in Alpharetta.
So if the current medical model offers the possible managing of symptoms as a form of hypothyroidism treatment at the expense of other parts of the body not working properly, is this an effective form of hypothyroidism treatment? This is the best form of treatment we have available to us for hypothyroidism treatment right? If you are unaware of the other side of healthcare, yes. Truth be told there are about twenty two different types of hypothyroidism and only one form that needs to be medicated. I imagine that may come as a shock to many of you and it should. The main form of healthcare utilized in Alpharetta is medical care for hypothyroidism treatment.
We at Holistic Health Center in Alpharetta are all for medical care in the case of emergencies and life saving situations please do not misunderstand. However for functional issues for hypothyroidism treatment, emergency care may not be the best approach. When there is dysfunction or malfunction in the body wouldn’t it be better to find the cause of that dysfunction or malfunction and correct it? Wouldn’t you rather help bring the body back into balance as a form of hypothyroidism treatment rather than forcing it to do what it obviously does not want to do. The body is a miraculous healing organism which seeks balance at all times. When the body is out of balance something has happened to bring it out of balance. We may have to search quite a bit to find what is shifting the body out of balance yet once this is found health can be restored. Have you ever heard the saying “force begets force”? When you force someone to do something are they typically cooperative or happy about it? Neither is the body. At Holistic Health Center in Alpharetta we offer holistic chiropractic care which seeks to bring your body back into balance by restoring function to the nervous system which controls the body, nourishing the organs and glands with therapeutic grade nutritional products and using safe healing modalities to stimulate the tissues of the body to heal and repair. We at Holistic Health Center in Alpharetta offer care that treats dysfunction and malfunction of the organs, glands and muscles of the body. Please visit our practice in Alpharetta for effective hypothyroidism treatment to help restore function to the thyroid using natural methods. We can also complement your medical care for hypothyroidism treatment if you are currently under medical care in Alpharetta for treatment.

Please join us in our next article Hypothyroidism Treatment Alpharetta Part II where we will explain the functional causes of hypothyroidism and other methods for hypothyroidism treatment.

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