Cold Laser Therapy


Have you ever heard of cold laser therapy? Are you familiar with any type of cold laser therapy treatment in Alpharetta? Laser is actually an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emissions of radiation. Dr. Brimhall states that lasers emit coherent, focused light that travel in a narrow beam in one direction. A cold laser as opposed to a hot laser uses smaller waves with anabolic effects that promote rapid reduction of pain, accelerate healing time and accelerate growth and repair. In many ways cold laser therapy reflects the benefits of acupuncture without the needles. If needles frighten you, cold laser therapy is a great alternative. It works by using the same wavelength of frequency as the healthy human body which is 635 nanometers. This means that cold laser therapy light increases cellular metabolism. Your cells become more efficient at increasing the production of energy and stimulating tissue oxygenation.

What does all of this mean for you? There are many reasons to get excited about cold laser therapy so let’s discuss a few. Those suffering with carpal tunnel can look to benefit from cold laser therapy.  In Dr. Brimhall’s book, Solving the Health Puzzle with the Six Steps to Wellness, he discusses a group of 35 patients who were followed and treated with cold laser therapy. Many noticed exceptional results of becoming pain-free with no numbness, tingling or tenderness in arms, hands or fingers from as little as three treatments and many more after three months. He also mentions cold laser therapy as a natural pain reliever because this type of laser therapy improves blood and lymph circulation which enhances the body’s ability to heal itself. Alpha and beta endorphins that bind to pain receptors at the site of your body’s irritation are stimulated during your cold laser therapy which improves pain relief.  Another amazing benefit is the healing of allergies also mentioned in Dr. Brimhall’s book. He explains that the combination of body allergen and cold laser therapy neutralizes the allergenic effect on patients. If you suffer from food allergies such as wheat this is an effective treatment. Cold laser therapy is an effective treatment for many other health issues including headaches, aches and pains in the body, sprains, stiffness, depression, fatigue, release of stress and toxins from the body. This is available at Holistic Health Center in Alpharetta.

You can experience this noninvasive therapy in Alpharetta at our practice in as little as 20 minutes but therapy sessions are determined the doctor based upon your symptoms. There is no worry of thermal damage to your tissue and it is perfectly safe with no side effects. It is a perfect compliment to a complete wellness plan. In combination with your spine being intact, the proper nutrition and cold laser therapy you provide the body a great platform to perform at optimal levels.

Dr. Dellaria is trained in cold laser therapy and uses this in his practice in Alpharetta at Holistic Health Center, P.C. He can help you establish a wellness plan to help live a happier and healthier life.


<Individual Results May Vary>

Patient’s unresponsive open wound after 2 weeks of urgent care visits, antibiotics and steroids. Prior to any cold laser therapy.
After 3 twenty minute cold laser therapies. The wound has finally closed up and is healing.
After 5 days from her last cold laser therapy, her wound has almost completely healed.


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