Leaky Gut Syndrome

If you are suffering from digestion problems in Alpharetta it can be quite frustrating working through symptom relief. You may have experienced misdiagnosis or find yourself consuming multiple over the counter medications due to gut inflammation. Unfortunately, many people have developed what is known as leaky gut syndrome in Alpharetta from choices made in their lifestyle which are affecting their gut and overall happiness.  Today, we hope to shed some light on this digestive disorder and encourage you to seek alternative methods to heal the integrity of your gut and help resolve leaky gut syndrome in Alpharetta.

Leaky gut syndrome is damage to the intestinal lining and there can be varying degrees to the level of damage. This causes undigested food, bacteria or toxins to leak through the intestines and into the blood stream. This is a very dangerous disorder because it can also cause “leaking” in the brain. If you suspect you may have developed leaky gut syndrome you should see a Holistic Chiropractic Doctor in Alpharetta very soon. One can experience many symptoms as a result of this “leaking” such as bloating, cramping, excessive gas, sensitivities to certain foods, joint pain, skin rashes, extreme fatigue, foggy brain and sometimes autoimmunity. Medical doctors have many speculations about the actual cause of leaky gut syndrome but it can be linked to consuming GMO products (genetically modified organisms), taking large amounts of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or antibiotics, chronic inflammation and poor diet.

It is possible to diagnose leaky gut syndrome with an intestinal permeability test. This test was initially done  by analyzing the presence of two molecules but was not completely accurate at diagnosing but is a strong suggestion that the permeability of the intestine is damaged. To conduct this test one must consume mannitol and lactulose which are two non-metabolized sugar molecules. The presence of low levels of the two molecules is an indication there is malabsorption but elevated levels are a good indication of increased intestinal permeability or leaky gut syndrome. (www.doctoroz.com/videos/could-leakygut-be-troubling-you‎)

The latest developments in testing allow for a more accurate determination of leaky gut syndrome. A permeability test indicates the presence of two antibodies of two certain compounds, Zonulin and Occludin. Zonulin and Occludin are protein messengers that signal the tight junctions in the intestinal wall to open.    In the case of inflammation in the intestines the body will produce  antibodies that will indicate the level of severity of leaky gut syndrome. After proper diagnosis is received from this type of testing a healing program can be established that ranges from 30 days to several months depending on if an autoimmune disease is present.

Once you have been properly diagnosed a Holistic Chiropractic Doctor will create a wellness plan to help heal the integrity of the gut lining and help resolve leaky gut syndrome. A wellness plan to address leaky gut syndrome may include recommendations such as a Probiotics that will restore the gut flora, a healthy diet with tons of anti-inflammatory foods that include essential fatty acids, green vegetables, fermented foods and supplements that maintain intestinal metabolism.

Holistic Health Center in Alpharetta offers Intestinal barrier testing and comprehensive wellness plans for anyone who may be affected with leaky gut syndrome or may suspect they have developed it. The intestinal barrier test will provide you and the doctor with the evidence and severity of leaky gut syndrome and will allow for the doctor to create the correct healing path for your specific case.

For help with Leaky Gut Syndrome in Alpharetta visit us at Holistic Health Center P.C.  Call our office at (678)366-0072.

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