Myofascial Release Technique

Fascia is the thin tissue like covering over your muscles and organs.  If you ever made chicken at home and saw the thin covering over it, that’s the fascia.  If you were to cut it the muscle meat would just fall all over the place.  So the fascia provides form to the organs and muscles.  Yet similar to plastic wrap the fascia can get stuck or adhere to things around it.  This effects the motion and function of the organ or muscle beneath the fascia.  Think of the fascia as the clothes for your organs and muscles.  If the clothes fit too tight the organs and muscles will not move as well.  Fascial restrictions can cause lack of range of motion in joints, pain, decreased function in organs, can lead to things such as endometriosis or other adhesions.

We use a device called a percussor made by Erchonia which lightly frees up any restrictions in the fascia.  The percussive force fatigues any bonds that are holding the restricted tissue in place.  This helps restore proper motion to the organ and muscle as well as function.

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