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Written by Dr. Michael Dellaria, B.S., D.C.

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 Many people in Alpharetta are too unaware of the amazing benefits of chiropractic care today and this is truly unfortunate.  Most people in Alpharetta associate the need for chiropractic care with having been in an accident, some people believe it is effective for pain relief and safer for you then medications, a very few people know that chiropractic care can help them with problems that plague them on a day to day basis and they routinely seek regular chiropractic care in Alpharetta for these problems. 

The form of  chiropractic care we use at our Alpharetta practice involves adjusting the vertebrae of the spine back into their correct alignment using a low force adjusting instrument called an adjustor.  This instrument lightly adjusts the bone back into place through a series of impulses.  This is virtually painless although some areas of a person’s spine can be tender if the vertebrae have been misaligned for some time and there has been significant damage to the nerve.  This typically fades as the joints become more mobile and nerves begins to heal.  This differs from a manual adjustment which is the most common in chiropractic care in Alpharetta today. 

With the manual adjustment a chiropractic doctor uses their hands to locate the misaligned vertebrae and enters an impulse into the body at a specific vector or angle and with a very controlled amount of force designed to move the bone back into correct alignment.  This type of adjustment is most often followed by an audible popping type sound and is the most common form of chiropractic care in Alpharetta.  This does not signify that the adjustment has taken place nor is it necessary to reposition the bone however it is quite common.  This sound is caused by gas and air being released from the joint as the bone is being repositioned much like one would create when they crack their knuckles. 

One should never attempt a chiropractic adjustment on their own or allow someone else to attempt to perform a chiropractic adjustment on them who is not a chiropractor however simple they make think it looks when watching it performed.  A chiropractor spends years learning how to manually adjust a spine and other parts of the body using the chiropractic adjustment.  This is a learned skill which requires incredible amounts of training and must be perfected before it can be performed safely.  You would not ask your friend to attempt to drill your cavity, don’t ask your friend to attempt a chiropractic adjustment on you, you will undoubtedly do more harm then good.  This also applies to attempting to “pop” one’s own neck or back.  If one is lightly stretching and hears some audible sounds coming from their joints as we all do, this is normal and expected.  Typically the more noise one hears upon motion is a sign that they have misalignments and joints are not lining up properly causing them to not move smoothly against one another leading to the noise one is hearing.  One should not enter a force into the body in regards to their neck or their back.  This is dangerous to the degree that it weakens ligaments that are designed to hold joints in place.  By constantly stressing these joints by entering a force into one’s neck or back one is continually weakening these ligaments which than causes even more instability in the area being stressed and typically more chronic pain as well.  Chiropractic care can help with chronic type pain as well. 

During chiropractic care what can be expected after a chiropractic adjustment varies from person to person.  It is important to note first that when one visits a chiropractor in Alpharetta and has a chiropractic adjustment one is having a vertebrae returned to its proper alignment which was prior to this point misaligned and being misaligned was damaging a spinal nerve.  Your brain controls your body though your spinal cord and your spinal nerves.  Your brain connects to your spinal cord and this runs all the way down your back.  Your spinal nerves come off your spinal cord and go to all parts of your body.  Your spinal cord is protected by your vertebrae, so these litter buggers must be kind of important huh?  When these vertebrae misalign they pinch off on the spinal nerves that are coming out from them and damage them.  If the brain controls the body and it does this through the spinal nerves and the spinal nerves are being damaged, how do think the body will function?  If your answer was “not well”  you are correct.  And this is an understatement.  If your boss came into work drunk how well would he function and run the company that day?  Exactly. Chiropractic care is vital to maintain this communication.

Through chiropractic care using the chiropractic adjustment when a spinal nerve is freed from the damage being caused to it by the misaligned vertebrae nerve flow starts rushing back to parts of the body it wasn’t able to get to before.  This is the same for blood flow as well as blood vessels can be damaged by misaligned vertebrae also.  With nerve flow and blood flow rushing back to organs, glands and muscles through chiropractic care in Alpharetta one can experience symptoms after a chiropractic adjustment.  These symptoms are to be expected when beginning chiropractic care yet if one does not know to expect them one might think something went wrong.  Sometimes people have increased bowel movements with chiropractic care.  Sometimes people get headaches after beginning chiropractic care.  Sometimes their sinuses get congested or they may think they are getting sick.  Sometimes they may feel like they had a workout they forgot they had after starting chiropractic care.  Typically this is after someone’s first or second chiropractic adjustment.  Sometimes people just feel great after their chiropractic adjustment and never experience any of these symptoms.  The important thing to note is that it is okay and normal to have symptoms turn on and turn off after a chiropractic adjustment and it is a sign the person’s body is responding to chiropractic care.

In Alpharetta Chiropractic Care Part II we will take a look at some other aspects of care and also how chiropractic care differs from medical care, the differences and similarities may surprise you.

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