Lower Back Pain Relief

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Written by Dr. Michael Dellaria, B.S., D.C.

We offer Lower Back Pain Relief in Alpharetta at Holistic Health Center.

So many people suffer with lower back pain it almost seems like a pandemic.  Much of the same methods employed for neck pain are used for lower back pain, please see the article Neck Pain Relief Part I, so no need to repeat. One method not talked about which is used for lower back pain is surgery.  Now of course this is not everyone’s first option yet it is quite common.  Many times people’s lower back pain persists after the surgery or can even get worse.  This is not to dissuade someone from surgery for lower back pain should they be at the point where they need it yet too few people fully utilize what is available to them before venturing down this path.  Many times there are things a person can do for lower back pain and treatments they can receive before this is even considered. 

However it does depend on what doctors you see first, “to a hammer everything is a nail”.  Once surgery is completed for someone’s lower back pain it is sometimes difficult to go back and make corrections to the lower back area after permanent changes have been made.  This is the same for neck pain as well.  Common surgeries for lower back pain are discectomies where the intervertebral disc is removed (this is between the spinal vertebrae) and then a plate is placed over the spinal vertebrae above and below the disc and screws are drilled into the plate through the bone holding it in place and now keeping that joint (the two vertebrae above and below the now removed disc) from ever moving again.  The belief being that the lower back pain was caused by an instability in the joint which needs to be stabilized or the disc was herniated (out of its normal position and pressing into areas where it should not be) causing pressure and possibly damage to the nerve leading to the lower back pain.  This actually is in many cases what is wrong !!! 

Wait, what? really?  Yes many times someone’s lower back pain IS caused by either instability in the joint or by slight herniations in the intervertebral disc causing pressure and damage to the spinal nerve (which comes off the spinal cord and goes through the spinal vertebrae).  Both conditions may be present or just one yet both damage the spinal nerve and can be the cause of the lower back pain.  This also effects the function of the muscle, organ or gland the spinal nerve is communicating with or trying to communicate with if someone would just get off him.  So if this is typically the cause of the lower back pain what is the problem?  Well emergency care is just that, for emergencies.  Someone’s lower back pain if left uncorrected long enough may reach the point of feeling as if it is an emergency due to lowered quality of life and lack of ability to cope with the lower back pain.  However steps may be able to be taken before this point so that surgery is not needed.  I know I see it every week.  So we are clear, if someone is in an accident and are in tremendous amounts of pain due to tissue, joints or bones being damaged and are in need of serious repair, is surgery warranted? The answer may very well be a resounding YES.  We will be referring to the non-emergency situations of lower back pain.  We provide Low Back Pain Relief in Alpharetta at Holistic Health Center, call to schedule your appointment today!

     I titled the article Low Back Pain Relief yet you see me referencing both neck pain and low back pain because I need you to know even though they may seem like two totally separate symptoms they are very much alike in many instances.  We will take a further look at the causes of this and some other forms of treatment that are not often discussed or well understood in Low Back Pain Relief Part II. 

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