Headache & Migraine Relief

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Written by Dr. Michael Dellaria, B.S., D.C.

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     For those who have had either headaches or migraines one is quite familiar with them and what they feel like.  Headaches or migraines can take many forms either from stabbing shooting pains to auras in your visual fields to being so light sensitive sometimes people must lock themselves in dark rooms for hours or even days until they can get any relief from their headaches or migraines.  Some people’s headaches or migraines can take the form of pressure build up inside their head which cannot be relieved, not being able to stand quickly or bend over to pick something up.  Some people feel band like pressure around their head with their headaches or migraines almost like their head is being squeezed.  Some people have a specific location of their head that is always effected like their temples or their eyes or the base of their skull or perhaps one side of their face.  Some women have headaches or migraines that only occur at a certain time of the month with or around their menstrual cycle.  Other people may have headaches or migraines that seem to vary throughout the week or even throughout the day.  As you can see there are a multitude of different presentations and more still that haven’t been listed.  Again those that have headaches or migraines are well aware of what those symptoms feel like yet not everyone is aware of their particular triggers although some are and most are not aware of effective treatment in Alpharetta, we are not just talking about what medication keeps the symptoms at bay.

     Recognizing the triggers to one’s headaches or migraines may go a long way to helping detect the cause of the headaches or migraines.  We of course are interested in determining the cause at our practice in Alpharetta.  For those that do not know, to have headaches or migraines is NOT NORMAL.  Now headaches or migraines may be quite common in Alpharetta and it may seem everyone has them so it doesn’t seem strange to have them but make no mistake they are not normal.  Headaches or migraines is one of the ways your body has of letting you know something is wrong.  This is a signal your body is sending out to tell you there is a problem.  We in our society are accustom to these signals we call them symptoms and we all know what to do with symptoms right?  All the commercials and TV ads and magazines in Alpharetta tell us exactly what to do with symptoms right?  We stop them of course or we choose to ignore them as well and hope that they go away.  Why would you want to suffer with headaches or migraines?  Or any other symptom for that matter.  Many people in Alpharetta would choose not to and do every day. 

     In Alpharetta we are accustom to taking medication to STOP  our symptoms of headaches and migraines.  Is this a good thing?  Is this a good practice?  If your neighbor came over to your house and said to you “I see some smoke coming from your backyard I think you should go take a look”, what would you do?  Would you ignore them?  Say to yourself  “Ah it’s probably nothing”.  Would you cover your ears so you couldn’t hear them or not answer your door the next time they come over to warn you, if you had that long?  The point is that the body uses these symptoms to alert you of potential danger to the organism, that’s your body.  A classic example that many people have heard yet it is worth repeating is if your oil light goes off in your car what is this a sign of?  The car telling you something may be wrong with the engine or you may just need oil.  May be a big problem may be a small problem, not sure.  Either way the car is telling you something is wrong and something needs to be looked into and corrected.  How many of us ignore that oil light and just wait for the day the care doesn’t start or stalls on the road or worse?  How many of us take our car in right away and spend whatever it takes to get the car fixed?  How many of us try to fix it ourselves? 

     You may ask, what does this have to do with having headaches or migraines yet this is a concept that many do not understand and needs explaining.  The concept is that any symptom your body has is your body’s way of communicating to you how it is doing at that particular moment, headaches, migraines, back pain etc.  If you eat food that doesn’t agree with you, your stomach hurts.  If your body is fighting an infection sometimes it raises your temperature very high to kill off the invading organism and sometimes it rushes all of your blood to where it is needed most giving you the chills.  We need to see these symptoms for what they are, a sign something is wrong with the body and something needs to be corrected.  Sometimes the body doesn’t need us to do anything and the symptom will pass on its own, sometimes.  Does this mean no one should never take medications for their symptoms?  Obviously that would be ridiculous as there are times that symptoms are to extreme to bear and medication is needed.  This does not imply that taking medications on a routine basis to cover up, deal with, cope with or mask our symptoms without addressing the underlying cause is good practice.  We can provide relief for your headaches or migraines in Alpharetta at our Holistic Health Center, call to schedule today!

In Headache Migraine Relief  Alpharetta Part II we will take a look at some of the triggers for headaches or migraines now that this concept has been covered on migraines and headaches.

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