Neck Pain Relief

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Written by Dr. Michael Dellaria, B.S., D.C.

     Are you one of the people in Alpharetta suffering with neck pain?.  It seems people have tried all different things to alleviate this and provide neck pain relief.  From hot packs to cold packs, massage is common, medication is typical, some people try different pillows, stretching is another popular method for help with neck pain relief.  So with all these different ways for neck pain relief you would think that something would have been determined by now as the thing to do when suffering from this.  The consensus is no one seems to be quite sure after all this time.  Do I use hot or do I use cold for neck pain relief?  How many massages do I need for neck pain relief?  How much stretching do I do for neck pain relief and for how long or how many days?  What is the best pillow for neck pain relief?  Many people don’t seem to think twice about taking medication for neck pain relief.  So which is the best?  What will work?  The answer comes from understanding first what the neck pain actually is and second what is the cause of the neck pain.   Only then can effective treatment be administered in Alpharetta and a person experience neck pain relief.

     To start neck pain is like many other symptoms we can have, a warning from your body that something is wrong, a red flag, a smoke signal.  Your body is letting you know that something isn’t right and you need to do something to correct it before it gets worse.  This is important to note as many people have been brainwashed in Alpharetta in a sense by TV, radio, advertising and other social media to believe that symptoms such as neck pain need to be stopped somehow and you mostly need to take a medication to stop the symptom.  This is far from the truth as stopping the neck pain is only masking the symptom.  When the problem is corrected and the neck pain or any other symptom goes away then that is the only time stopping the symptom is for your benefit then you will have true neck pain relief.  Does this mean you need to live in Alpharetta with neck pain? No.  This means determine the cause of the neck pain and why your body is sending you this signal.  By masking the symptom or just thinking that the symptom is normal we are missing the body’s message that we need to do something before it gets worse.  Most of the time we don’t realize these subtle changes in our body’s function let alone that these changes are the way our body has of letting us know something is wrong.  So if it seems we are belaboring the point, we are.

     Now if you are wondering, ice helps to numb the nerve and can provide neck pain relief with 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off, any longer and the body will treat the ice as an irritant and you will increase inflammation and actually have more neck pain.  This is helpful for neck pain caused by damage to nerves.  Heat is used to relax muscle and increase blood flow which can provide neck pain relief due to muscle spasm.  Using heat on damaged nerves can aggravate nerves and increase inflammation leading to more discomfort.  Heat is helpful for neck pain due to a pulled muscle and can provide neck pain relief.  Massage therapy is helpful to relieve tension in muscles, increase blood flow and improve drainage of waste from the tissues and of course to relieve mental stress which can provide neck pain relief.  This is helpful when neck pain is due to tension whether that be mental stress, postural stress as in sitting for long periods of time or repetitive stress throughout the day like the same motion over and over again.  Changing your pillow is helpful and can provide neck pain relief if your neck pain is related to when you wake up in the morning.  You shouldn’t wake up in any type of discomfort, that’s not normal.  Now if you went to bed with your neck pain then this doesn’t apply.  In Alpharetta, one doesn’t need to spend a great deal of money on a pillow, simply buy a few in the $10-20 dollar range and see which one works best.  You should know after a nights sleep or two.  Stretching may be helpful to provide neck pain relief if there is constant tension and poor range of motion in a person’s neck.  Hatha Yoga in Alpharetta seems can offer neck pain relief due to lack of tone as you are not doing anything forceful and are holding postures for periods of time both strengthening and lengthening muscles as well as resetting the tone on the ligaments holding the joints together, this can provide neck pain relief.  If you need immediate neck pain relief then medication may be needed or if you have not found the cause of the symptom and need to get through the day.  Medications were never designed to be taken long term, obviously we are not talking about a person who needs to take a medicine to stay alive such as insulin.  Also anyone in an emergency condition could most certainly be in need of medication to stay alive, make no mistake.  If not for medicine the entire emergency field of health care would have little to offer you in Alpharetta, it is difficult to operate on someone if you are unable to sedate them.  For most of us though the symptoms such as neck pain that we suffer with each day in Alpharetta are not life threatening so we do not need to take medicine for the symptom yet we are in the habit of doing so.  In Alpharetta, this habit of masking the pain keeps us sometimes from seeking the actual cause of the pain or any symptom for that matter and getting true neck pain relief

In Neck Pain Relief Alpharetta Part II we will take a further look at other causes and treatment less often talked about and both misunderstood and even unknown for neck pain relief.

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