Alpharetta Chiropractor Patient Videos


These are our Alpharetta Chiropractor Patient Videos:

We are truly blessed to have impacted the changes that have occurred in these people’s lives.  We see miracles like these every week.  We believe this is due to our holistic chiropractic approach by treating people from a functional standpoint.  We believe dis-function precedes dis-ease.  If someone has dysfunction that has not manifested to a disease state yet, then chances are they may recover faster.  If someone has had dysfunction for so long that they now present with disease, they most likely will take longer to heal and may even need medical intervention at the same time to help manage their symptoms while they heal.  Whatever condition you are suffering with their is a chance that holistic chiropractic care can help.  Most people who come to our practice have been seen by multiple other medical doctors with few answers.  This simply means that the origin of their problem is not in the emergency range yet in the functional range no matter how much that person may be suffering.  A doctor can only treat what they find.  Many times we are able to find functional problems that people have that once corrected, their symptoms subside.  This is all due to the holistic chiropractic approach we take.





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