Alpharetta Blood Sugar Treatment

Many of us do not think of our daily sugar intake as an addiction but the truth is simple actions like splenda in your coffee, one diet soda a day, a cup of orange juice with your breakfast or a mountain dew at lunch to wake you up could be sending your body into blood sugar overload. The dangers associated with sugar addiction are causing a massive amount of health problems that include diabetes, liver disease, heart disease and feeding the growth of cancer cells. We have to do a better job at learning how to read our food labels and educating ourselves on the dangerous ingredients. Three primary ingredients you should familiarize yourself with are fructose, high fructose corn syrup and aspartame. Typically, most Americans are consuming these types of sugars daily in the form of fruit juice, soda, enhanced water products and processed foods.

Fructose can be found in fruit, fruit juices and most processed foods. It is best to consume it from natural sources as in your fruit but beware of fruit juices because the content of fructose can be very high. In one glass of juice you can consume your entire daily allowance of fructose. It is important not to overload your system with fructose because it stresses the liver. Similarly, high fructose corn syrup is doing extreme damage to our liver. According to an article in American Chiropractor, it is responsible for millions of U.S. children suffering from non-alcoholic liver disease. It is causing the  build up of fat within the liver cells because high fructose corn syrup is very hard on the liver. There are significant differences between fructose and high fructose corn syrup despite what the Corn Refiners Association has tried to display in pro high fructose corn syrup commercial ads and websites like

As a consumer of sugar it is important to note that high fructose corn syrup is similar to fructose in the regard that it is made up of the molecules glucose and fructose but not in equal parts and in an unbound form. Because it is in an unbound form, high fructose corn syrup allows for the fructose molecule to skip digestion and go right into the bloodstream. This causes several reactions in the body, the first is lipogenesis, production of fat in the liver, and extreme spikes in the release of the insulin hormone triggering fat storage.

What can you do to protect yourself against “too much” sugar? Tip number one is to consume your sugar in the form of raw or organic fruit. Fruit has fiber in it that keeps the digestion process moving in the right direction. Second, read the labels on your juices, beverages and if you must consume processed foods to look for hidden sugars or sugar substitutes. Third, consume as many natural and whole foods instead of food that is processed and manipulated. Don’t be fooled by low-fat or sugar free products that have other hidden ingredients.

A great way to identify some of the effects of sugar on your body is to have a comprehensive bio screen done. This type of test will help you and your chiropractor identify your levels of triglycerides, glucose in the blood and much more. Your chiropractic doctor can help you by creating a comprehensive wellness plan that focuses on eliminating sugar addiction and correcting any disorders or disease that may be affecting your body because of the amount of harmful substances in the body.

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