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Written by Dr. Michael Dellaria, B.S., D.C.

To continue on the topic of weight loss in Alpharetta we should mention the harmful substances in our current food supply. Yes, sad but true. We are poisoning ourselves with the food we eat affecting our weight loss ability and not just here in Alpharetta. If I sprayed an apple with Raid and then ran it under the faucet and handed it to you, would you eat it? No, you say? Unless you are eating organic fruits and vegetables there’s a good chance that is what you are eating and if so, kiss weight loss goodbye. I am referring to GMO’s our genetically modified organisms. In this case our fruits and vegetables. I hope I am not the first to warn you of these but if I am you need to stay away from them if weight loss is you goal. There are many options in Alpharetta to go to shop for organic fruits and vegetables if you want weight loss. You don’t have to go broke doing it either. Just look at the prices of the organic foods you like and settle for the cheaper of the two, it’s not difficult. Honestly I miss eating blueberries but I just can’t justify spending ten dollars for ten blueberries. You need to avoid GMO’s if you want weight loss in Alpharetta. These are toxins you are putting into your body which if your body is unable to fully eliminate them they will be surrounded by fat and water which effects weight loss. Believe me this is not desirable. Something I learned from a friend in Alpharetta – when you look at the numbers on the fruits and vegetables organic starts with a nine typically and GMO’s start with a four most of the time, take a look.

Consumption of GMO’s can also lead to leaky gut syndrome which can drastically effect weight loss. This is where damage to the intestinal lining leads to undigested food, toxins, bacteria and other things that don’t belong leaking into the blood. This in turn triggers weight gain from fluid retention because things aren’t where they are supposed to be causing inflammation. Your immune system begins attacking things that don’t belong in your blood. Also if your immune system is busy fighting off things in your blood that are leaking in to it from your gut it doesn’t have time to fight off other things like colds and the flu. This will lead to someone who is constantly sick and has trouble with weight loss. Also someone with this condition may have trouble with allergies. How many people do you know in Alpharetta with those? If the body is busy handling one problem it won’t be as efficient dealing with another not to mention your adrenal glands are going to overworked because your body is constantly working to rid itself of foreign matter in the blood. This can also lead to chronic fatigue. How much do you want to exercise when you are fatigued? Can that effect weight loss? How much do you want to exercise when you have allergies? Can that effect weight loss? All this you say just from eating the wrong food? Yes, that’s right. You have many choices as to where and what to eat in Alpharetta but if weight loss is your goal you must choose wisely. When you eat GMO laden food you are consuming food that is genetically engineered to cause the intestines of insects to explode upon consumption. Now of course we are much bigger than insects yet we also eat a lot more than them as well. Now if the majority of your food or even half of it was made with GMO’s how long do you think it would take to start seeing some effects and problems with weight loss? The answer is different for everyone and for most it seems to be a gradual change that goes unnoticed until it’s too late leading to problems with weight loss. We will be sure to address all the aspects of leaky gut syndrome in another article as this is a very important topic for people living in Alpharetta. As far as weight loss is concerned, start eating organic today and start noticing the difference. You should also have to eat less of the organic foods since the nutritional content isn’t as damaged from any chemical engineering. Now initially you may need to eat more, a lot more to make up for nutritional deficiencies. That is a possibility. I don’t know too many people that have problems with weight loss in Alpharetta from over consumption of fruits and vegetables so I think you’ll be okay.

Other things to help with weight loss in Alpharetta would be eat fresh foods not packaged, pre-made, boxed or bagged. I understand we all have busy lives. For the little bit of time it takes to eat fresh food you will be paid back tenfold in time spent trying other things for weight loss in Alpharetta. I often shop twice a week. You could probably cut it back to once if you needed to. Fresh fish is a bit of a misnomer, just because its fresh doesn’t actually mean much. You are eating fish for all the healthy benefits it gives you from all the nutrients its picked up from the ocean from eating things like algae and plankton right? Not so if the fish is farm raised in a tank and fed little grain pellets to make them nice and large and then injected with dyes and food colorings to make them look oh so nice. Yes, I know it’s sad. You would want to ask if the fish was wild or farm raised, then you will know. As for your meats you would want to go with antibiotic free, hormone free and fed organic feed. There are places to go to get these things although it may sound like a lot for weight loss in Alpharetta. Trust me, your body will thank you. You may not have to employ all these things to start to notice a difference but you have to reduce your toxic load if you want weight loss in Alpharetta. Just think about it, if toxins lead to problems with weight loss and our food is toxic, we drink tap water which is toxic, we shower in water that isn’t filtered which is toxic, we drive to work in traffic inhaling toxic air, what if we smoke or drink on occasion or take medications, you get the picture?

At Holistic Health Center, P.C. in Alpharetta we can help put you on the path to weight loss if that is your goal.

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