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We are a holistic chiropractic center located in Alpharetta.  We see many people from the Cumming area as well.  We are located a little less than two miles east of 400.  We offer a variety of natural type therapies and services.  Dr. Dellaria is board certified chiropractic doctor with additional training in the area of Applied Kinesiology.  Dr. Dellaria also practices Functional Endocrinology which uses functional blood chemistry analysis and therapeutic grade nutritional products to restore normal function to the organs and glands.

Often times people’s bloodwork will appear normal when reviewed by their medical doctor, which is correct pathologically.  We will evaluate your bloodwork from a functional standpoint.  This allows us to correct dysfunction in the organs and glands of the body before disease sets in.  We then use therapeutic grade nutritional products to help heal and repair damaged organs, glands and tissues.  This combined with the other healing therapies helps patients attain amazing results.  We often times are able to work along with patients medical doctors to help restore their health if this is required.  We are taking a whole body approach to your health treating all aspects of your health.

The foundation for your body’s healing starts with making sure your brain can communicate with your body effectively.  This involves assessing your spine for vertebral misalignments.  Once found these will need to be corrected using chiropractic care to allow the delicate spinal nerves a chance to begin to heal.  This is a somewhat slow process so the sooner you start the better.  As the spinal nerves begin to heal after having the vertebra adjusted back into their correct alignment, their messages from the brain to the organs, muscles, glands is improved and the body begins to function normally.  This is the point where people’s symptoms begin to subside.

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