Zerona Testimonials

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Patient’s results from treatments:

My experience with Zerona treatments at Holistic Health Center turned out much better than I would have imagined. My problem area, like most women feel, is my lower stomach area. I did not want any loss in my buttock area, so the technicians were able to not only focus the laser on my lower stomach, but when I turned over, they were also able to turn off the middle laser aimed at your buttocks, essentially tailoring the treatment to my exact wishes! I ended up losing 4 1/4 inches total– 2 1/4 of that being from my waist. Overall, so happy with my results and carefree comfortable experience!

– Alex L. 3/29/17

Patient’s results from treatments:

I signed up for a package of 12 treatments, based on seeing other results, testimonials and based upon staff explaining to me how the treatments worked. I strictly followed the program and the results were better than anything I have ever tried. I lost several pounds, but a lot of fat, 3 inches off my belly. I had to change belts to a smaller size. I was so excited. I signed up for a second package of 15 treatments and cannot wait to see the final result! This has also helped me make important diet and life style changes which are critical to the hardest part of weight loss– keeping it off!

– Anthony B. 2/15/17

Patient’s results from treatments:

Awesome experience, very relaxing and results are visible in just a week. A much improved overall feeling. The water, niacin and walking are not just a great way to cleanse it adds energy and improved health. Thank you!

– Terry W. 2/10/17

Patient’s results from treatments:

I’ve lost 10 inches total. It’s given me a great jump start to eating better and working out. I followed the instruction to the “T”! I wanted to get the most out of my sessions. I had 9 sessions and although it was hard working in walking each time, but I made it happen and glad I did. Now that I’ve seen my results I will continue with the walking and better eating habits. Also in the process I lost 10 pounds in addition to having lost 10 inches total. Trish and Natalie were great! Great customer service!

– O’tania J. 12/16/16

Patient’s results from treatments:

“I was stuck”

After 10 Zerona Laser treatments, I have seen improvement in the way my clothes fit, with the loss of 4 to 5 inches total in belly fat and other torso areas. One of the most encouraging benefits is the “jump start” these treatments and the accompanying suggestions regarding exercise (walking), water consumption and some changes in diet.

Before Zerona I had plateaued on weight loss and could not seem to lose weight. Even though I lost only 2 to 3 pounds, my muscle tone has improved, my motivation has returned and I am feeling so much more energetic then before. So having this “jump start” will help me keep losing the weight I want and need to lose, as well as keep me disciplined in my overall health and well being. Thank you Dr. Dellaria, Trish and Natalie for being so encouraging and helpful.

– Dave L. 12/21/16

Patient’s results from treatments:

I am incredibly impressed with my results after 12 sessions of Zerona! After the first 3 treatments I was already seeing and feeling a difference. I can finally wear my favorite pair of pants, which I haven’t worn in almost 2 years! I am definitely ready for swimsuit season now.

– Sara S. 3/28/16

Patient’s results from treatments:

Slimmer look around waist and hips abdominal muscularity, more visible muscle lines and less rounded appearance.

– James N. 3/25/16

Patient’s results from treatments:

I was satisfied with the loss of weight and especially the reduction of fat in my chest and abdomen where the treatment was applied. It is very important to follow all instructions while in the process to maximize results. I think if you review the before and after photos you will see that the treatment was worth the time and cost.

– AJ M. 12/16/16

Patient’s results from treatments:

No matter how much I exercised and ate right, the pouch on my lower stomach would not go away. I had researched Zerona and knew I wanted to try it, but it was always out of my budget. Finally, I cam across this clinic and was able to get the results I wanted at a price I could afford. I am so happy and can’t wait to show off my body this summer.

– Monique I. 2/10/17

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