Meet the Team

Dr. Michael Dellaria, B.S., D.C.

Holistic Chiropractic Doctor

The founder of Holistic Health Center, P.C. and our main doctor at the practice. Dr. Dellaria strives for excellence at everything he does. Your health and happiness is his goal. Dr. Dellaria uses all that he has learned in his over 20 years of practice to help patients with conditions other doctors have not been able to help. He has a great passion for helping others and also making sure the practice is a happy healthy environment.


Office Manager

Kimberly has been helping the practice for over 19 years with her extensive management background. She is responsible for the overall flow of the office. She helps manage and train the staff as well as optimize the office for maximum efficiency.


Front Desk Coordinator

Savannah is responsible for scheduling patients, accepting payment, placing nutrient orders, keeping the doctor on schedule and making sure the front office stays running smoothly.

Patient Testimonials – *Individual Results May Vary

No matter how long your condition has been going on for or how many doctors you have seen, we welcome the chance to serve you.

Holistic Chiropractic Services within Alpharetta

We offer holistic chiropractic services within Alpharetta. Which means we use natural methods and treat all parts of the body. Our holistic chiropractor is Dr. Michael J. Dellaria and he can help. He looks at the whole body and sees how all parts relate to one another. Using natural methods to help restore normal function to the body allows it to heal. Gentle techniques such as instrument adjusting are used. Dr. Dellaria is a holistic chiropractor who practices Applied Kinesiology also referred to as muscle testing.
What is Muscle Testing?

It uses the muscular system to "talk to" the nervous system. An advanced form of testing which allows him to find out whats wrong with your body.
Aren't all blood tests the same?

Our doctor reviews your blood work to see if your body is in a normal range of function. Rather a medical doctor looks to see if you are headed for an emergency. This testing helps him to find problems in the body that would often be missed. Instead of using drugs, he uses high grade nutrients to help heal damaged organs and glands.

Do you have a chronic problem you don't have an answer to?

Dr. Dellaria sees patients in Alpharetta, the outside areas and even other states either in person or by phone. Often times these people have not had results with medical care and have nowhere else to turn. Some of our patients have seen eight or more medical doctors and still have no answers. While some patients have just returned from the Mayo clinic having spent over ten thousand dollars and leaving with no help. It is our belief that the holistic approach allows us to find answers to conditions other doctors have not found. A holistic chiropractor tests your body to see if it can function at a normal level. Rather a medical doctor tests your body for extreme lack of function.

How does normal function compare to disease?

Most people have lost some level of normal function to their body yet will still show normal on medical tests. Often times this leaves people with no answers from their doctors. As a result they are still in extreme pain and unease. While we see miracles every week if not every day in our office. Take a moment to read our patient testimonials of how others have responded to care.
Can this treatment help?

Many people have their own idea of what a chiropractor does. A chiropractic adjustment to realign the bones of the spine is used. As a result this prevents damage from occurring to the delicate spinal nerves. These are board licensed health care doctors. They treat conditions of muscular and nervous systems.
Some believe they can only help with problems such as neck and back pain. So people do not know that they can help with nervous system issues as well as the entire body. Such as hormone issues and migraines to name a few.
You may like to read Dr. Dellaria's Story. After he was healed he had a great desire to want to give back to people what was given to him. For this reason it made him want to become a holistic chiropractor. Above all with over 20 years in practice, he will take great care of you. Lastly he will address the cause of your health problems rather than just treating your symptoms.
Call today to schedule your wellness exam and begin your care. When you feel better, life is better!
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