We love helping people!

Here are some testimonials of patients we have helped.

We Love Helping Our Patients!

Here are some testimonials from patients that we have helped over the years.


Stories Shared

1. Back Stiffness, Fatigue, Migraines

  • Patient’s Description of Condition Prior to Starting Care: I came in with stiffness in my lower back, feeling fatigued and migraines pretty regularly. I was also Vitamin D and A deficient. Patient’s Results from Treatment: So far after several weeks, I have less lower back stiffness, my fatigue is less and the migraines have decreased. I am starting to feel better in general and am looking to improve even more.
    Garry Fielding, Alpharetta, GA 1/17/2022

2. Aches & Pains, Digestive Issues

  • Patient’s Description of Condition Prior to Starting Care: Frequent headaches were becoming a way of life. Aches and pains I just contributed to my age. Digestive issues I just put up with were chronic. Patient’s Results from Treatment: Headaches have lessened, digestive issues are getting better, hardly any “age related” aches and pains. I feel healthier and more “in balance” from the “treatments” Dr. D has done these past few months.
    Janet Stevens, Suwanee, GA 2/14/2022

3. Joint Pain, Stiffness, Fever, Fatigue

  • Patient’s Description of Condition Prior to Starting Care: Regular joint pain (knee, elbow, back) – stiffness. Flare ups (joint pain, fever, fatigue, loss of appetite) – 2x/month. Low immune defense system. Not able to gain weight. Regular headaches. Patient’s Results from Treatment: Gained 20lbs (able to absorb nutrients). Relief of joint pain/stiffness. No recent headaches. Building immune system. No flare ups.
    Brian Russell, Atlanta, GA 1/31/2022

4. Back Pain, Left Arm Pain, Acne

  • Patient’s Description of Condition Prior to Starting Care: Back pain. Acne. Left arm pain. Patient’s Results from Treatment: Back pain – I feel much better. Improved sleep. Acne – a little better. Left arm pain reduced and feel much better. I only notice it when lifting/carrying heavy items or continuously sleep on that arm.
    Sujitha Damidi, Johns Creek, GA 1/31/2022

5. irregular menstrual cycles, joint pain, liver condition (autoimmune), bleeding from eyes and throat, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, catatonia

  • Patient’s Results from Treatment: I definitely improved over the last 4 months. I bleed less, my cycles have become regular and joint pain has gotten a lot better. I don’t have headaches anymore and have not experienced dizziness or fatigue after treatment. Very thankful.
    Gracie Petrovich, Cumming, GA 1/12/2022

6. abdominal bloating, neuropathy, back pain, migraines, UTI’s, hair loss

  • Patient’s Description of Condition Prior to Starting Care: I came in with excruciating abdominal bloating, neuropathy and back pain amongst other things like frequent migraines, UTI’s and hair loss. Patient’s Results from Treatment: I now know I have a gluten-sensitivity and have had a little to no abdominal pain or neuropathy symptoms. I have had decreased levels of fatigue! I can actually eat now and we are actively working on my other needs.
    Mira Sridhar, Sandy Springs, GA 2/7/2022

7. Chronic Back Pain, Autoimmune Disorder

  • Patient’s Description of Condition Prior to Starting Care: Joint pain and chronic back pain had become the norm for me. I had a newly diagnose autoimmune disorder when I began seeing Dr. Dellaria. Patient’s Results from Treatment: My joint pain and chronic back pain and overall inflammation has vastly improved and I feel better than I have in years. As for the newly diagnosed autoimmune disorder I had no answers from other doctors even my labs were not explained, Dr. Dellaria changed all that. Dr. Dellaria was so thorough and reviewed my test results with me, examined me thoroughly and put me on a protocol of supplements that have been healing me from the inside out.
    Natalie Weathers, Alpharetta, GA 1/4/2022

8. Constant Low Back & Neck Pain, Insomnia

  • Patient’s Description of Condition Prior to Starting Care: I always had constant lower back pain and neck pain. Trouble sleeping through the night. Patient’s Results from Treatment: My neck mobility has improved dramatically and my back has increased mobility!
    Jill Post, Dunwoody, GA 2/7/2022

9. Immobile due to constant pain, depression, insomnia

  • Patient’s Description of Condition Prior to Starting Care: Prior to Dr. Dellaria’s treatment, a back injury kept me immobile and in constant pain. My quality of life was not very good at all and I was falling into depression. I couldn’t sleep or do normal daily tasks without being in extreme pain on the daily. I had been suffering for about 4 years trying to live a normal life. The day I found Dr. Dellaria I had pulled my back and the pain was so severe I thought I might have to go to the hospital. He was able to fit me in the same day. I walked in with a cane and walked out without needing to use it after my first visit. I knew I had found the first Dr. who cared enough to dedicate his life to helping others in a holistic way and I just knew he was going to be the one to help me and he has! Patient’s Results from Treatment: After treatment with Dr. Dellaria, my quality of life and positive attitude has improved dramatically. Though it is still a healing process, I now have many more good/pain free days than bad. Finding Dr. Dellaria and being treated in a holistic way with all the modalities of treatment he offers has me finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. So many other ailments have been identified and improved with his treatment. I’m so very grateful. Thank you for all that you do for others, Dr. Dellaria.
    Katherine Patino, Marietta, GA 1/18/2022

10. Sciatic Nerve Pain

  • 10. Patient’s Description of Condition Prior to Starting Care: I was diagnosed with sciatic nerve and that was so painful. The medicine didn’t help me at all! Patient’s Results from Treatment: I start to visit Dr. Dellaria Holistic Health Center and I am happy Dr. Dellaria accept me. I felt so much better and better after first visit. Now I am completely out of pain, I continue coming every week and I thank Dr. Dellaria for everything. He gave me also nutrients that help me! Thank you with respect.
    Paulina Georgieva, Alpharetta, GA 1/19/2022

11. Knee Pain & Swelling effecting sleep

  • Patient’s Description of Condition Prior to Starting Care: Knee pain and swelling making it hard to sleep & walk. Patient’s Results from Treatment: After first alignment, I could sleep through the night comfortably and walk up/down stairs better. Less overall aches and pains.
    Tiffany Little, Atlanta, GA 1/3/2022

12. Back & Neck Pain

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Back & Neck Pain Results from Care: I had chronic mid back and neck pain up into my skull. Also, my hip/SI joint was dysfunctional and caused me pain. The treatments last longer. They are not a temporary fix. I am now experiencing lasting results thanks to the Holistic Health concept and Dr. Dellaria’s treatments. My neck and hip are great.
    Christy D., Alpharetta

13. Lower Back Pain

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Lower back pain Results from Care: After 7 months with Dr. Dellaria I feel excellent. My first session made me feel as if I was 21 again. I have been having back issues since my surgery in 1998. With Dr. Dellaria’s help I am on my way to a total recovery.
    Georgia B.

14. Low Back Pain

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Low back pain Results from Care: I originally came to Dr. Dellaria with low back pain that greatly reduced my activity level. I have had this back pain on and off most of my life. I have a very active lifestyle, and was unable to do the things I wanted to do. I ride horses at least 4 days a week, and I was experiencing pain that hindered my ability to ride. I have been treated by Dr. Dellaria for a few months now, and I am able to engage in my normal activities without pain. I am back in my yoga and weight lifting classes and feeling great. In addition to back and neck adjustments, Dr. Dellaria has given me additional exercises and herbal supplements to complement his program. I do not like to take prescription medications, and I have found that the natural anti-inflammatory medication works just as effectively.
    Lou R.

15. Low Back Pain

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Low back pain Results from Care: Before treatment I had difficulty getting out of bed, and I would cry with pain while dressing. Now, I get out of bed with little to no pain; I can also get dressed with no pain. Dr. Dellaria has definitely helped improve the overall movement of my lower back.
    Anne S.

16. Low Back Pain

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Low back pain Results from Care: My overall health has improved very much over the last 6 months. Most of my daily neck and back pain is gone and I can’t remember when the last time I had a cold was. I have increased flexibility and my eating habits have been improved because of Dr. Dellaria’s guidance and education. At first the process went slow but by staying patient and following the complete plan my overall health condition has improved 150%. I have learned that there is a great deal we need to do to have a healthy body and I feel good about my future health situation.
    Victor G., Lilburn

17. Neck Stiffness & Soreness

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Pretreatment I was always stiff and felt sore in my neck and back. Now I feel so much better I don’t even think about my neck and back. I can actually turn my head and not my torso when looking around in traffic. Results from Care: The treatment has definitely improved my overall physical and emotional well-being. It’s great not to be stiff and achy throughout the day!
    Frances P., Marietta

18. Low Back Pain

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Low back pain Results from Care: I had pain in my lower back. The pain diminished by the 3rdvisit. By the end of the 3rdweek all pain was gone. Motion did not cause discomfort anymore which existed when I first came for treatment.
    Leonard H., Buckhead

19. Severe Back Pain

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: I was injured at work lifting a cabinet. My back was causing me severe pain. I was also having trouble walking. When I came to Dr. Dellaria he told me I had several bones out of place which was causing the pain. Results from Care: The care I received was excellent. I was walking without pain in two days. I also feel better mentally. The pain I was experiencing was affecting my mood and my relationship.
    Cameron M., Sandy Springs

20. Severe Neck & Low Back Pain

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: I came in with severe pain in my lower back and neck. I was contemplating quitting tennis and giving up on ever feeling good physically. Results from Care: Now, I am playing tennis 2-3 times a week. My allergies are much better and my posture and general health are 100% better. I am a changed man physically.
    Jason P., Marietta

21. Debilitating Low Back Pain

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: I had debilitating lower back pain and a restrictive inner hip problem and a constantly uncomfortable neck. Results from Care: Dr. Dellaria gave me the ability to walk pain free for the first time in five years as well as simply sit comfortably for more than two minutes at a time.
    Ryan P., Atlanta

22. Low Back Pain

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Lower back pain Results from Care: My back pain and posture improved after just one visit with Dr. Dellaria.
    Michelle B.

23. Back Pain

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Back Pain Results from Care: I have been having severe back pain for the past two years. I neglected to take care of the problem, and as a result I was unable to sit for more than an hour, or stand for too long. I was also unable to bend down and pick up things. The worst part was not being able to carry my 17-month-old son for more than 5 minutes. After 5-6 visits I feel better. In fact, after 4-5 days I forgot that I was even suffering from severe back pain for over 2 years.
    Praveen C.

24. Ankle Pain & Low Back Pain

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Ankle pain from surgery 4 and 5 years earlier. Lower back pain (muscle pain). Results from Care: After just a few visits I began to feel improvement in my lower back. I was more flexible and able to perform daily tasks without pain. The most exciting change for me is the progress with my ankle. I broke more than a few bones several years earlier and was bothered by pain and swelling ever since the surgery. Dr. Dellaria began to treat the scar tissue on both sides of my ankle and now the appearance of the scars is much better and the swelling appears to be decreased.
    Sue S., Dunwoody

25. Low back pain

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Low back pain Results from Care: I’ve had pain in my lower back and in my neck after getting rear ended by a pickup truck going 45 miles an hour. Also, I was having a difficult time practicing my violin. I had to put down the violin every 10-20 seconds because of the pain in my neck. After being treated by Dr. Dellaria the pain in my neck quickly went away, and I was able to practice the violin without having any breaks. I used to get stiff in my shoulders all the time, ever since I was a teenager, and I thought I would just have to live with it for the rest of my life. But that too, has gone away. In addition, my lower back feels better than ever.
    Dr. Dellaria

26. Back Pain

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Back Pain Results from Care: I had significant back and neck pain and on a scale from 1-10 I was at an 8 or 9. This pain occurred regularly and I was living on Advil. Now, my pain is significantly reduced to negligible with daily activities and I don’t need medication.
    Sara Beth F.

27. Severe Low Back Pain & Leg numbness

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Had severe lower back pain and left and right legs numb down to feet-leg strength was gone. Results from Care: After one-month, back pain is gone. Feeling returning to leg and strength returned.
    David I., Alpharetta

28. Back Pain

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Before, I couldn’t lay down with my back all the way, I could not bend down very far, I had very heavy breathing, my back would hurt in the morning, I could not sleep very well and my muscles were very stiff. Results from Care: I can lay down flat on my back, I can bend and stretch much better, my breathing is much easier and I can sleep better without my back hurting in the morning. I also think differently about a lot of things-in general it helps me relax much better.
    Raphael B., Alpharetta

29. Poor Posture & Spine misalignment

  • My spine was significantly out of line. I could physically feel an S shape in my back before starting care. Results from Care: My spine is significantly more in line in fact; it felt more in line after the first treatment. I also have an overall feeling of wellness and my muscles are less sore.
    Kelly H., Atlanta

30. Left Elbow would not straigten

  • For the past three years my left elbow was unable to straighten. Results from Care: After 30 minutes of treatment my arm is completely straight. Totally due to Dr. Mike. Thank you very much.
    Ron C., England

31. Arm pain

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Arm pain Results from Care: My arm was keeping me up at night, but now it is much better. I now only get occasional elbow pain after walking.
    Elizabeth H.

32. Chronic Hip Pain

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: My chronic hip pain started 3½ years ago. After extensive medical testing it was determined that my pain was “all in my head”. I started with Dr. Dellaria in November of 2004. The pain has subsided tremendously. I am able to continue my very active lifestyle basically pain free. Results from Care: My care plan benefited both my hip pain and general health. Other bothersome issues were resolved as well. The time commitment starts rather intensively, but as you progress the schedule decreases. The time is worth it. As well as being drug free.
    Katherine V., Alpharetta

33. Knee Pain

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Knee Pain Results from Care: I suddenly was feeling sharp pains in my right knee. I went to the emergency room and they couldn’t figure out what the problem was. Dr. Dellaria was my next stop because I could hardly walk with my right knee in such pain. Dr. Dellaria found my C4 out of alignment along with jammed ligaments and a jammed knee. Additionally, he found a muscle spasm on my knee and dispersed it. The results were immediate. I could walk freely again. It took a few days for the pain to heal completely, but it was the best my knee has felt since an injury three years ago.
    Kim B., Canton

34. Leg Pain / Foot Pain

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Leg Pain / Foot Pain Results from Care: I use to have a very sharp pain in my leg and foot when going to bed, as well as while I was in bed. I couldn’t get comfortable, and I couldn’t sleep well. Since I first saw Dr. Dellaria, the pain is less frequent and less severe.
    Revell F., Alpharetta

35. Sharp Pain in Leg and Foot

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Sharp pain in leg and foot when going to bed and in bed. Could not get comfortable or sleep well. Results from Care: Pain seems less frequent and less severe/sharp over the past few nights. No problems falling asleep. *This was a follow up to the completion of this patient's care
    Revell F., Alpharetta

36. Sharp Sciatic Nerve Pain

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: When I first started to see Dr. Dellaria I was experiencing sharp pains in my sciatic nerves in both legs. His methods of treatment have resulted in a complete elimination of any symptoms what-so-ever. Results from Care: I no longer wake up in the morning with a stiff lower back nor do I have the sharp pains in my legs. I would highly recommend to anyone having any type of body pains to pay a visit to Dr. Dellaria and allow him to demonstrate what he can do for you.
    Richard T., Atlanta

37. Tight Calf

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Tight Calf Results from Care: I had a tight calf preventing me from running. My neck was stiff with limited motion. I was able to run a half marathon at 2:24 on 10/1/06 after 3 months with no problems. Ankle and calf feel stronger even after the run. I now have full motion in my neck again, no longer experiencing the constant dull pain that was always there.
    Paul T., Cumming

38. Leg Pain

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Leg Pain Results from Care: My left leg was experiencing achy low-level sensation. My lower neck and back also experienced slight discomfort. Since first being treated my lower back is less agitated, but from time to time a low degree of tightness. Generally, an overall feeling of well-being based on the first visit def. a market change for the better Dr. Dellaria’s great skill and attention is certainly the catalyst for my progress to this point in time.
    Irene L., Alpharetta

39. Tight Shoulders & Losing Sleep

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: I started treatment because my shoulders were always tight, hurting and was losing sleep. My left arm and shoulder were constantly throbbing, especially during the nighttime hours. Results from Care: It has been roughly eight months since I’ve began treatment. My pains are gone and the shoulder tension I used to have has faded. Additionally, my quality of health has rocketed. I have had only one cold since I began care and it was extremely mild. I have no headaches anymore, have more energy and feel good.
    Amanda R., Sandy Springs

40. Pain in Shoulders & Right Arm Weakness

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: I had pain in both shoulders and in my right arm also weakness and restricted movement in my right arm and shoulder. Results from Care: I now am pain free in my shoulder blade area and have increased range of motion in my right arm. I also feel that I am more energetic and have better stamina in general.
    Beth Y., Alpharetta

41. Limited Use of Arm & Shoulder

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: When I first started my visits, I had very limited use of my left arm and shoulder. Sometimes I would actually have to lift my left arm with my right arm just to get out of bed in the morning. Dressing was a challenge. Everything was a challenge. Results from Care: Now I hardly notice the pain I have left. As long as I am mindful of the two or so positions that are still uncomfortable, I am fully functioning and even able to do light weight exercise to build my strength back. And this is just the story of my left shoulder. I also had neck, mid and lower back pain which is completely gone.
    Caryn L., Roswell

42. Strained Shoulder

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Strained Shoulder Results from Care: I strained my shoulder from heavy weight lifting. I heard a squishing sound during repetitions and the pain set in within hours. By that evening I could not raise my arm and the pain disturbed my sleep that night. The next day I went to see Dr. Dellaria to ensure that I had not pulled my shoulder out of alignment. Dr. Dellaria found a variety of areas (including shoulder, spine, and organs) that have been disrupted by the heavy lifting. After a 20-minute treatment I had full motion in my shoulder, could lift my arm and regained strength in the shoulder, while I still had some soreness, I knew the muscles would “heal” in the proper alignment. My sleep that night was not at all disrupted, and instead of dealing with the pain for days; I was fully functioning in 24 hours from the time of my injury!
    Chris W., Cumming

43. Headaches/Locked shoulders/Stiff neck

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Headaches/Locked shoulders/Stiff neck Results from Care: No more headaches, can move shoulders above my head, my middle back is not stiff and painful. I have more energy! I’m more pain free since starting here and using no painkillers since starting care here.
    Hemma A., Canton

44. Sever Right Shoulder Pain

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: I first saw Dr. Dellaria in September of 2004. I had severe pain in my right shoulder. Results From Care: The Doctor solved my problem right away! I have had no major problems since then. Dr. Dellaria takes excellent care of me.
    Ray W., Dunwoody

45. Severe Low Back Pain

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Severe low back pain on left side which affected my ability to work/perform at 100%; also had significant tightness in shoulders causing discomfort. Results from Care: No longer having any lower back pain and much more freedom in shoulders.
    -Kim S., Alpharetta

46. Jaw Pain, Altered Speech, Vertigo

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: I had 3 wisdom teeth pulled and soon after felt constant jaw pain. I thought it was an ear infection, vertigo, fibromyalgia, you name it and I thought I had it. I came in the clinic for my regular visit. The doctor noticed my jaw was out of place. Results from Care: He performed an adjustment and within minutes I felt so much better. I was able to speak clearly again. The earache was gone. My shoulder pain was gone. I felt great, I felt 100% better.
    -Kevin-Marie D.

47. Constant Pain, Fatigue, Anxiety, Lack of Focus

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Constant pain in the neck, shoulders, shoulder blades, entire right side of the body, fatigue, anxiety, lack of focus. Results from Care: Most of the pain is almost entirely gone with just 4 treatments. My wrist was in constant pain that is completely fixed. I am impressed with how quickly some of the long-standing issues are fixed.
    -Poorvi P.

48. Intense Sinus Headaches

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Normally get sinus headaches that can be rather intense (respond only moderately to pain relief aspirin) Results from Care: After neck adjustment- no headache at all during 3- day rainy weather.
    -Ronata K.

49. Abdominal Adhesion

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: I have suffered from abdominal adhesion for more than 9 years. My OB-GYN could only offer more surgery as treatment. I came to Dr. D in search for an alternative. Results from Care: As a result of treatment I am almost pain free in the adhered area... (From about 15 days of pain down to about 4 per month) I look forward to the day when I will be completely pain free. I have faith with Dr. D's help that I will achieve my goal.
    -Carrie B.

50. All Over Body Pain, Migraines, Stomach Problems

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: When I first came in, I felt like an 80-year-old man. Everything hurt from my back to my ankle and even had bad migraines and stomach problems. Results from Care: Feel like I'm 25 and nothing hurts. I have lots of energy and don't have headaches any more. I feel great.
    -Michael C.

51. Migraines & Neck Pain

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Worked in the yard yesterday planting 22 plants in the yard; shoveling, digging, normally I would be sore and in pain; felt great afterwards instead. Migraines pretty much every day; neck pain Results from Care: Migraines have been cut down to once per week; neck pain is gone; I sleep very soundly now. Feel fantastic. Highly recommend Dr. Dellaria. I have been to other chiropractors- they don't come close to this doctor’s experience and knowledge.
    -Toni E.

52. Various Body Pains

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: I had various pain. My right hip was my main complaint. Then it was my left knee. I would get other pains that would come and go. My neck, lower back, etc. One thing would clear up and then another would KICK IN. Results from Care: All of these aches and pains have resolved. Aside from being pain free I am NOW able to work out and lose weight. That was my overall goal. Before starting my treatment, I found it hard to exercise because I was in too much pain. This also led to weight gain which was hard to stop. NOW I'm pain free. I joined the local YMCA I'm working out 3 times a week and over the past 6 weeks I've lost 13 pounds.
    -Chris B.

53. Neck, Shoulder, Low Back Pain, Limited ROM, Sinus Pressure, Headaches

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Significant neck and shoulder pain. Lower back pain. Frequent sinus pressure and headaches. Limited range of motion. Results from Care: I have almost no back pain at all now. My sinuses are no longer under pressure and my headaches are lighter and less frequent. My range of motion has also significantly improved and I haven't experienced lower back pain.
    -Minori R.

54. Fatigue, Intense Shoulder Pain, Low Back Pain

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Fatigue, shoulder pain (pretty intense), shoulder stiffness and limited range of motion. Also, lower back pain and stiffness. I also didn't realize my neck was a wreck- very limited range of motion and discomfort. Results from Care: I still have a chaotic work schedule but the fatigue has decreased considerably. As for the shoulder injury and stiffness, the range of motion is back and the flexibility is back. The dull ache has mostly subsided and the pain is now minimized to a small, identifiable spot and getting better. I no longer have chronic low back pain trouble. My neck now has improved range of motion and the stiffness has lessened. As I improve in my initial problem areas, I realize that other areas are improving (all around flexibility, better dexterity, less fatigue, as well as some problems areas I didn't even realize).
    -Wayne V.

55. Extremely Weak, Headaches, Chest Pain, High Blood Sugar Levels

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Extremely weak, cramps and stiffness in legs, headaches, fatigue, chest pains, back pains and blood sugar level high. Results from Care: Change has been great. I am totally healthy, no noticeable health issues. Feeling stronger. Pains and aches have been nonexistent. Blood sugar level now normal.
    -Virginia L., Duluth

56. Frequent Headaches

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Frequent headaches- usually tightness in traps and lower neck. Locked shoulder- couldn’t raise arm above head and incredibly painful when drumming, couldn’t even do a push-up. Results from Care: Headaches have almost completely stopped. Shoulder is almost 100%- No pain and I can do pushups again.
    -Elliot M., Alpharetta

57. Back Pain, Fatigue, Headaches

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: When I first came here I had back pain, fatigue, headaches and hip problems. I had a hard time getting up in the morning and needed naps in the day Results from Care: Since starting treatment all of my back pain is gone. I am aware when I need an adjustment. It’s easier for me to get out of bed, I don’t need naps anymore. Overall, I am more joyful.
    -Nathaniel R., Atlanta

58. Multiple Body Pains, Fatigue

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: -Four pinched nerves in my back -Many vertebrae were misaligned -Tired in the morning after walking -Limited lifting with left forearm -Left quad pain -Left hip pain -Low back pain Results from Care: Complete relief within a week. Alignments quickly decreased the number of vertebrae out of place. Adrenals addressed tiredness. Laser treatment improved left forearm strength. Laser treatment improved right deltoid strength. Left quad, left hip and lower back pain subsided.
    -Pitrell L.

59. Migraines, Insomnia, Low Back Pain

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Migraines sleep issues and lower back pain. Results from Care: After 6 months, my migraines have gone away, fatigue has improved greatly and lower back feels strong and healthy.
    -Melissa M.

60. Fatigue, Lack of Motivation, Back Pain

  • Health Condition Prior to Beginning Care: Fatigue, lack of motivation. Back pain increased. Results from Care: Last two days have felt energized well rested not irritable after first adjustment. After the second adjustment my back pain went down.
    -Pittman D.

61. More Coming Soon

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