Chiropractic instrument adjustment #1

In this video Dr. Dellaria demonstrates the chiropractic adjustment using the Brimhall adjustor instrument.  This instrument lightly adjusts the bones of the spine back into place.  This differs from a manual chiropractic adjustment which brings the bones of the spine back into place in one impulse.  This chiropractic adjustment is a very gentle form of chiropractic care.  Dr. Dellaria finds that the adjustor causes less stress to the tissues than the manual chiropractic adjustment.  He finds that patients are typically less sore than they would be with a manual chiropractic adjustment.  He also finds that patients tend to hold their chiropractic adjustment for longer periods of time which means they don’t need to be seen as often.  Also this type of chiropractic adjustment is great for people who would prefer to not have any quick movements or hear any sounds when being adjusted.

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Dr. Dellaria explains the percussor instrument.

In this video Dr. Dellaria explains the Erchonia Percussor instrument.  This instrument creates a percussive force which goes through the tissues freeing up any restrictions in the fascia.  This is a thin tissue like covering under the skin and over the organs and the muscles.  The fascia is continuous from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, it just changes names.  The fascia around your brain is the dura, around your lungs is the plura, around your heart is the pericardium, the greater and lesser omentum around your intestines, the plantar fascia around your feet.  This instrument frees up the restrictions in the fascia called myofascial release.  This allows the organs and muscles to move freely again.  Myofascial release improves the range of motion in joints and helps restore normal function to organs.

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