Doctor’s Education

Dr. Dellaria’s Education:

Dr. Dellaria‘s education and training consisted of both in school, outside of school and continuing post graduate studies. Dr. Dellaria’s education, skills and knowledge continue to grow each year as he has a passion to continue to learn.  He focuses on Holistic Chiropractic Care, Applied Kinesiology and Functional Endocrinology.

Through the use of Applied Kinesiology Dr. Dellaria is able to assess the nervous system through the muscular system.  By using the muscular system as a feedback system we start with a strong muscle and then proceed to stress a part of the body and then retest that strong muscle, if there is a problem with the area of the body being stressed this sends a negative signal from that part of the body to the brain and then to the strong muscle being tested.  This negative signal weakens the muscle being tested temporarily letting the practitioner know there is problem with the area of the body being stressed.  The practitioner then makes a correction or treatment to the area being stressed.  Once the correction has been made the practitioner then stresses the area again and retests the muscle originally tested for any signs of weakness, if the proper treatment was employed the muscle will now test strong, if not the muscle will continue to test weak when this area of the body is stressed and another treatment will need to be applied to the area or perhaps a different treatment.  This is continued until all areas of the body stressed result in a strong muscle being tested.  This is an extremely thorough form of diagnosis and has taken many years to achieve the level of proficiency he has in this technique.  This helps Dr. Dellaria treat conditions he normally would not be able to treat, achieve results faster than he would normally be able to attain and find hidden problems with body that otherwise would not have been found.

The chiropractic adjustments restore the brains communication to the muscles, organs and glands without which very little would be possible in terms of healing and repair.  Through the use of an instrument called the variable pulse adjuster, Dr. Dellaria lightly adjusts the bones of the spine back into correct alignment through a series of light taps the instrument makes.  Dr. Dellaria finds this more effective than manual adjusting of the spine in terms of less stress to the tissues.  Since it requires less force to make the correction of the spine using the instrument he finds patients are typically not very sore after adjustments and they tend to hold their corrections for longer periods of time.  Also, for those patients who are apprehensive to having manual adjustments, they typically have no concerns with getting the instrument adjustment.

Dr. Dellaria uses Functional Endocrinology to address dysfunction of the organs and glands using a functional approach. Dr. Dellaria is trained in functional blood work analysis.  This differs from traditional medical blood work analysis which looks for disease and pathology which requires medical intervention such as medications or emergency treatment.  Such as identifying blood sugar irregularities and correcting them before they lead to diabetes, uncovering dysfunction in the liver before permanent changes have occurred to it, i.e. cirrhosis, locating the beginnings of anemia before it can be detected medically and while it can still be corrected. Functional blood work analysis searches for functional problems with the organs and glands which can lead to disease and pathology.  By addressing these problems in the blood chemistry early on we can most often avoid the need for medication or other emergency care intervention.  Should conditions in the blood chemistry already warrant the need for medical supervision then Dr. Dellaria can work with the medical doctor in supporting the organs and glands to help restore proper function to them through the use of therapeutic grade nutritional supplements.  Once normal function is restored to the organ or gland medication may no longer be needed.

Dr. Dellaria uses a holistic chiropractic approach bringing together all aspects of the body and how they affect one another because they do.  He practices in Alpharetta at Holistic Health Center, P.C.

National Board Certification – Doctor of Chiropractic – 2001
License to Practice Chiropractic - State of Georgia # 006946       
License to Practice Chiropractic - State of New York # 010325 
Certification in Physiological Therapeutics 
Certification in Radiology 
Brimhall Certified Practitioner – 2005


Dr. Dellaria's EDUCATION:
Chiropractic School: Life University, Degree: Doctor of Chiropractic – 2001
Premedical School: Life University, Degree: B.S. Biology - 2001-2002 (completed after doctorate degree)
Premedical School: Suffolk Community College, Degree: Assoc. in Applied Sciences - 1994-1997 (1 year towards B.S.)


International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK):

  • ·  Essentials of Applied Kinesiology 100 hour course completion 1999

The Brimhall Protocol with Dr. John Brimhall, DC:

  • ·  Brimhall Basic to Advanced Applied Kinesiology 2000-2005
  • ·  300+ hours of coursework in Applied Kinesiology
  • ·  Brimhall Certified in 2005
Brimhall continued education 2001-2012
Dr. Janet Lang's Coursework on Restorative Endocrinology
  • ·  The Adrenal-Gut Connection: Stress and Adrenal Imbalance – 2011
  • ·  Managing Endometriosis and Fibroids – 2011
  • ·  Endocrine Wellness of Cycling Women – 2011
Began studying coursework on Functional Endocrinology, NeuroEndocrine Disorders and Biochemistry by Dr Datis Kharrazian, DC, DHSc, MS, MNeuroSci, FACFN, FABVR, FAACP, DACNB,
  • Coursework covered natural approaches to addressing thyroid health and restoring function to the gland
  • Implications of common drugs on thyroid health and altered biochemistry as a result
  • Proper supplemental nutritional support to help re-establish gut, immune and brain barriers
  • Natural approaches to balancing brain chemistry
  • Natural approaches to restoring function to the Adrenal glands
  • Proper supplemental nutritional support and protocols to address and support auto-immune conditions such as Hashimotos
September 2012 - Completed 22hr course on Mastering the Thyroid
- Designed to help clinicians master the concepts of thyroid physiology, assessment and clinical applications.
  • Coursework covered Thyroid-Immune-Nervous System crosstalk and its clinical applications
  • The impact of thyroid hormones on every major physiological process
  • A step-by-step thyroid physical exam
  • A complete review of the literature on natural ingredients that support or disrupt thyroid function
  • A discussion of 24 common and newly highlighted patterns in thyroid imbalances
  • Dietary, nutritional and lifestyle strategies to support thyroid function
November 2012 - Completed 7hr course on the Brains development and Aging by Dr. Datis Kharrazian, D.C.

November 2012 - Completed 2hr course on Chiropractic Ethics by Dr. Guy Annunziata, D.C. 

December 2012 - Completed 2hr course on Sexual Boundaries by Dr. Guy Annunziata, D.C.

December 2012 - Completed 1hr course on Jurisprudence & GA Law by Dr. Guy Annunziata, D.C.
January - April 2013 completed 30hrs of study in Functional Neurology by Dr. Michael Johnson, D.C. and Dr. Andy Barlow, D.C.

July 2013 - completed 16hr course on Fundamentals of Functional Blood Chemistry by Dr. Datis Kharrazian, D.C.
- Designed to review the primary concepts of human physiology, laboratory biomarkers and blood chemistry patterns.
Topics Included:
- Introduction to blood chemistry concepts and principles
- How to evaluate a complete blood count, chemistry-24, thyroid panel and lipid profile
- When to order special tests and studies
- The biochemistry of blood glucose issues, cardiovascular risk, red blood cell problems, immune complications and 
thyroid, renal and hepatic imbalances
- Dietary, nutritional and lifestyle strategies to support various organs and metabolic systems

July - Sept 2013 - completed studying and reading the book "Why my brain isn't Working" 483pgs by Dr. Datis Kharrazian, D.C.

July - October 2013 - completed studying and reading course manual from Fundamentals of Functional Blood Chemistry 500pgs 
by Dr Datis Kharrazian, D.C.

November 2013 - completed 7hr course on the Neuroendocrine Immunology of Immune and Environmental Triggers 
by Dr. Datis Kharrazian, D.C.

- Coursework covered the impact of environmental toxins and pollutants on human health.  
- Reviewed the growing science of immune chemical tolerance and examined how this relates to systemic inflammation, autism, 
autoimmunity and various degenerative conditions.  
- Various models of toxicity were critically evaluated as well as current therapy options such as chelation.
- Laboratory evaluation of chemical autoantibodies and the roles they play with human self-tissue autoimmunity were also 
Topics included:
- Covered the 10 most common pollutants in the environment.
- The physiological mechanisms that environmental pollutants have on our nervous, immune and endocrine systems.
- How the quantitative model of environmental toxins varies from the model of immune-chemical tolerance.
- How to evaluate chemical autoantibodies and their potential clinical correlations.
- How the model of immune-chemical tolerance varies form hepatic biotransformation
- The issues, concerns and potential adverse reactions from chelation therapy
- Dietary, nutritional and lifestyle strategies to support the immune system.

December 2013 - completed 7hr course on Autoimmune Signaling Systems and Blood Glucose Issues by Dr. Datis Kharrazian, D.C.

February 2014 - completed 23hr course on Mastering Brain Chemistry by Dr. Datis Kharrazian, D.C.

- Coursework was designed to review the key concepts of brain chemistry, recognize patterns of imbalances, recognize cases
that may need to be referred for further consult or evaluation and improve overall clinical competency in neurochemical
assessment.  A review of brain neurochemistry and neurodegeneration disorders was followed by clinical insights.

Topics included:
- Critical evaluation of neurotransmitter testing
- A review of neurodegenerative mechanisms related to alpha-synuclein, beta-amyloid, tau proteins, etc.
- The association between mitochondrial uncoupling and neurodegenerative disorders.
- Nitric oxide isomer expression and its role in neuroprotection and neurodegeneration
- The blood glucose connection to the brain and its degeneration
- The brain-gut axis and brain-immune axis
- The role of dietary peptides and gluten sensitivity in neurological disorders
- Dietary, nutritional and lifestyle strategies to support the brain 

March 2014 - completed 2hr course on the Neurological causes of Dizziness and Vertigo by Dr. Michael Johnson
and other related studies 5hr

Topics included:
- Proper neurological assessment of patients that present with dizziness or vertigo
- How to isolate what region of the brain is not functioning properly 
- How to provide effective and corrective brain based therapy to restore that portion of the brain to normal function
- Common signs and symptoms associated with dizziness and vertigo
- Other corrective procedures to employ if needed such as Epley's maneuver and how to perform it "correctly"
- A review of the spinal tracts and neurological pathways involved with these symptoms
- Clinical case study reviews
- A review of clinical outcomes and treatment protocols to correct these conditions

February - September 2014 - completed studying and reading course manual from Mastering Brain Chemistry Course 500pgs
by Dr Datis Kharrazian, D.C.

September 2014 - completed 7 hour course on Exercise & Degenerative Conditions, Early Signs of Brain Degeneration 
by Dr. Datis Kharrazian, D.C.

Coursework examined how the use of specific exercise modalities can support athletic performance and decrease the 
expression of neurodegenerative conditions.

The Neuroendocrine Immunology of Exercise
Topics included:
- The impact of exercise on brain-derived neurotrophic factor, brain health, the positive and negative endocrine shifts
that may occur
- Information on immunometabolism, including the role the immune system plays in metabolism and weight gain.
- When to use and not use exercise as a healthy strategy for patients

Early Signs of Brain Degeneration
Topics included:
- How to recognize the earliest signs of the most common degenerative diseases that impact memory and cognition.
- How to recognize the earliest signs of the most common degenerative diseases that impact posture and movement.
- Review of the relevant literature and assessment tools.

November 2014 - Completed 2hr course on Chiropractic Ethics by Dr. Guy Annunziata, D.C.
November 2014 - Completed 2hr course on Sexual Boundaries by Dr. Guy Annunziata, D.C.
November 2014 - Completed 1hr course on Jurisprudence & GA Law by Dr. Guy Annunziata, D.C.

January 2015 - completed 23hr course on Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis by Dr. Datis Kharrazian, D.C.

Topics included:
- Understanding the use of markers such as electrophoresis, peripheral blood smear, genotype testing, etc.
- A review of the pH bicarbonate buffering system and the role it plays with the anion gap, electrolytes and metabolism.
- A comprehensive system to evaluate transaminase and liver markers.
- A detailed understanding of acute-phase protein reactants, markers and mechanisms of influence.
- How to identify intestinal permeability and understand the role it plays in other blood chemistry mechanisms.
- The relationship among the endocrine, hepatic, immune and other bodily systems when evaluating blood chemistry.

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